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  1. UB 40

    Vulcanite and Rubber Bit Maintenance

    Maybe you’re pipe isn’t that old. One Wagner I could spot on is Michael Wagner. He started producing pipes in 2001. Compare Wagner Pipes - Pipedia - The other Wagner, David Wagner, died at the age of 54 two years ago. Exquisite pipe maker he was. Baff...
  2. UB 40

    Vulcanite and Rubber Bit Maintenance

    Got some estates wich showed clear signs of smoking with a bit on the vulcanite. @PipeIT it oxides even faster under the bit. Won’t use them. As far as I experienced Cumberland stems are as tough as any other vulcanite. So I won’t mind about tooth marks. It’s not meant to be chewed like jumbo...
  3. UB 40


    That’s what I thought.
  4. UB 40


    That’s almost right. The man with the sack is Knecht Ruprecht. The figure of Krampus is that of evil 👿 in dark winters nights. Use Google translator for further information
  5. UB 40

    Hal o'the Wynd casing

    Forget that comment, you’re right.
  6. UB 40

    Show off Your Smoking Rooms!

    The only room where we smoke is the kitchen. Imagine a kitchen with a small dining table in front of a huge window and comfortable enough chairs to spend some time in. A small place beneath the sink to clean the pipes included.
  7. UB 40

    Filters and/or Adapters...or Not?

    I abandoned adapters in the few 9mm pipes, because they’re another piece which catches tars and gunk to get cleaned. Not worth the effort.
  8. UB 40

    What Music Are You Listening to? November, 2023

    Chris Whitley with Chris Wood and Billy Martin (yes the two of Medeski, Martin and Wood) Whole album is a masterpiece.
  9. UB 40

    Show Off Your Danes

    I like my Georg Jensen Chimney although I chipped a peace of ebonite on the bit, reglued it with cyanoacrylate. It stays there for over a year now. Sanded it down to a once again comfortable bit.
  10. UB 40

    Ten Minute Tiny Pipes

    Short people got little hands, little pipes… I’m a small person and sometimes I have to jump of a plane rush into one of those cabins to feed the monkey. Short Stop offers the right amount of nicotine in short time, no waste of space in the pocket, no waste of tobacco. Just pull a pipe cleaner...
  11. UB 40

    Pipe Cleaners

    I use pipe cleaners.
  12. UB 40

    Ten Minute Tiny Pipes

    This is the smallest I’ve got. Short Stop by MM. Up to 10 minutes. I used to smoke Gh Black X in this one. Also I have a couple of small chambers. I don’t like to smoke for hours.
  13. UB 40

    Christmas Song Elimination

    She really is the acoustic death 💀 penalty - not alone her christmas-song.
  14. UB 40

    Christmas Song Elimination

    Wham Last Christmas needs to be cancelled first and then Felice Navidad. Maybe White Christmas as third choice.
  15. UB 40

    What Music Are You Listening to? November, 2023

    Joe Zawinul “In a Silent Way”:
  16. UB 40

    What Music Are You Listening to? November, 2023

    Stanley Clarke Schooldays:
  17. UB 40

    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2023?***

    HH Burley Flake in my Scandia billiard after a Leberkäs-Semmel with sweet Händlmaier-mustard and fried onions, truly that’s kind of a Bavarian hamburger.
  18. UB 40

    Who Can Repair a Chipped Stem?

    When you’re able to spend some time on this one go for it and try to restore it. Where’s the chipped part? That would make it a lot easier, just glued in. Although some say that’s not their option and it will soon break again, it’s worth a try. Filling in a hole in a molar also won’t last a...
  19. UB 40

    Opening the Draw - Drill Bit Size

    I drilled some of my first pipes to 3 mm and they smoke nice, the recents I drilled the draft hole to 4 mm and they smoke even nicer, opening up the bit in the stem in V-shape with a flat file down the shank to 25 mm. That alone does a lot to open the draw.