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  1. cshubhra

    Calling All Sasieni Experts - Interesting One Dot with a 1925 Patent

    I acquired this One Dot recently. I have questions on it's pedigree 1. The patent no is not clearly stamped. However in the pipe I can read it to be ....13/25, which I take it to a 1925 patent. It is about the time One Dots we’re stopped being sold in America. So is this an American or...
  2. cshubhra

    Happy New Year!!!

    Happy new year to your family and you! May this new year bring prosperity to you and happy puffing your pipes, cigars and any other form of nicotine you enjoy!!!
  3. cshubhra

    Mug Has Arrived

    Mug has arrived. Here is a picture of the mug with my smoke
  4. cshubhra

    I Think SmokingPipes Black Friday Sale Is Good

    10% on Tobacco - matches others. Also the tins are generally cheaper in SmokingPipes (Reiner Long Golden Flake is a good example) 20% on Cigars - I stocked up on Padron 1926 and Liga Privadas 15% everything else - I stocked up on pipe cleaners I paid my taxes happily as a law abiding person
  5. cshubhra

    PBAD - Show Your Pipe Books Here

    I bought this in a whim. Anyone has any information in the quality of information in this book?
  6. cshubhra

    Quick & Lazy: Restoring A Sasieni Two Dot Natural

    I got this pipe on Oct 16th. I have been lazy to restore it to a smokable state till today. Today I thought, let’s do something quick so it is smokable. The few pipes I have restored before, I have sometimes forgotten to take the before pictures, but not today. I diligently took the before...
  7. cshubhra

    Pipe Spotting

    Well I have not spotted a pipe smoker. I mistimed my afternoon smoke, so when I had to leave, I had not finished my pipe. Normally I would leave the pipe at home, but today I continued to smoke it in my car. I drove for about 12 miles - 17/18 minutes before I finished the pipe. Plenty of...
  8. cshubhra

    Planning To Revisit Cigars

    A couple of years back, I tried both cigars and pipes and chose the pipe. This week, I decided to revisit the cigars. My old humidor is already repurposed by my wife as a cosmetics box, so I got a new (slightly larger) humidor and seasoning it currently with 84% boveda packs ... which supposedly...
  9. cshubhra

    PAD Overdrive Last Week - Part 2 La Savinelli Giublio D’Oro and Savinelli Punto Oro Mr. G

    The Punto Oro was in distress. I have restored it partly but more work need to be done. I don’t have any more tools so I will keep it like this
  10. cshubhra

    PAD Overdrive Last Week-Part 1 - A Rare Sasieni & a Dunhill

    First up ... A Sasieni Four Dot Rustic Viscount Lascelle S. Overall a beautiful Rusticated Grain, a pattern I have not seen often. The stem has four dots but they are not blue. Possibly faded The nomenclature is there, but due to the shine on the nomenclature box it is very hard to read and...
  11. cshubhra

    Show Us Your Sasieni Pipes

    I am surprised that this thread did not exist! I will post mine in the order I acquired them. (I only have 4 so far) First up ... A Post Transition Era Sasieni 4 Dot ... It was bought in a very distressed state. The first pipe I ever restored, and did somewhat of an OK Job
  12. cshubhra

    I Am Trying To Restore This Pipe

    Don’t ask me why I bought this. However I am taking this as a challenge... I am gonna restore this Willard Pipe. I put the before picture, so that I am motivated enough to continue this project. I got the pipe for free with a bunch of “Vintage Pipe Cleaners”
  13. cshubhra

    Patent Era Sasieni 8 Dot Reigate

    I don’t really know what I am doing, so do let me know if there are any defects. I am Very happy with the purchase- this pipe has been restored beautifully. Excellent grain. The nomenclature is faint and I could not photograph. The sellers photo of the nomenclature is also not clear. However...
  14. cshubhra

    Strong Tobacco?

    I tried Old Dark Fired today. Some has suggested that this is strong. However, I found this to be medium. The strongest I have smoked so far is SG Black XX. I also have one tins worth of SG Brown #4 in the cellar. Any other strong tobacco recommendations? (Preferably ribbon cut or flake)
  15. cshubhra

    British Pipe: Rare But Unloved Transition Era Sasieni Superb Six

    I have not seen and heard about this pipe much. Except one of the forum members here own a piece (As read from an old thread). I have seen two examples sold in smoking pipes websites before. The seller claims that this is unsmoked. There is a bowl coating and with my limited knowledge I cannot...
  16. cshubhra

    Development Stage of PAD starts - A Nice Pipe Arrives in Mail

    Will smoke this after I am back from vacation.
  17. cshubhra


  18. cshubhra

    Pipe Storage & Display - Mostly Sorted

    I just need to figure out - where to move my tobacco so that these boxes fit my dresser
  19. cshubhra

    Protocol Question: Real Name or forum user name?

    Q1 - If someone knows your real name - Would you prefer being addressed with your real name or your forum username? Related question Q2 - If you know other forum members real name, but you don’t know his preferences, how would you address him? My answer: My user name is not much different from...
  20. cshubhra

    Post transition Sasieni

    There is a post transition Sasieni currently listed on eBay. No one found it yet, as the seller has not mentioned the right keywords. I understand that they are not collectible. I don’t need any more pipes. Is it worthwhile to bid on it?