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    Drinking While Smoking

    All patients that have throat cancer drink water.
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    Stalin's Pipes

    I love cigars, but still wouldn't spend a nickle in Cuba.
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    Upper Respiratory Infection

    You dont have to inhale.
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    How to Rededicate a Pipe Devoted to English Blends

    I have had the same issue with every estate I have bought from respectable resellers that clean the heck out of them, sanitize, et all. I load them & smoke & repeat till it is gone. Doesn't take long.
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    Did I Just Ghost My New Pipe?

    Smoke what you like in it, "Ghost" will be gone
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    Florida Smokers Roll Call

    Homosassa, FL here & probably soon to be Inverness, FL.
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    The Vessel or the Contents?

    Tobacco first.
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    The State Of Russian Pipe Smoking

    I would like to see St. Petersburg. IF I were to go there.
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    How Many Bowls a Day Do You Smoke?

    I load 3-4 bowls a day and rarely finish one bowl at a time. Cigar in the evening curing cocktail hour. (Or hour & a half)
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    Pipe Smoking Study, It Doesn't Look Good.

    It's hard to die healthy.
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    How to Clean Silver Bands

    I use silver polish. Wipe it off & then with a damp paper towel. I have a jewelers cloth but forget I have it. Only time I do that is when I want to see shiny, not that often.
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    Wow - What an Upgrade

    Will take me a bit to get used to it, but so do new shoes. Great job!!
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    The $23.50 Pipe

    MSO.. you are right. Some of my "Baskets" were better than a couple of my $100+ pipes
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    Pipe of The Year

    Alaskan..nice pipe!
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    Comoys "The Everyman" Squat Bulldog Restoration

    Nice job & they smoke good too.
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    Why Now? Cob Problems.

    Never had one crack, but at $10 - $15 I would throw it in the pipe recycled bin. The beauty of a Cob.
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    Just Another Day at the Airport

    Emotional support female. What bird.
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    Praise for Mineral Oil

    I buy a food grade mineral oil. Am I wasting money?
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    Greetings from Buda, Florida!

    Welcome from Homosassa. My sister lives in Geneva.