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  1. bigmike

    PAD Stanwell For The Month

    Here is my latest PAD affliction treatment from fleabay. It is my first Stanwell and I just had to have it......
  2. bigmike

    PAD Budget Spent !!!

    Well, I certainly spent my PAD budget for the month (or two) on the following pipes. #1 is a Dunhill Classic 1992 Group 5 which I purchased from a respected member of this forum. #2 is a Nording 13 Freehand. My first Nording. #3 is a Pipa Croci Handmade. My first Pipa Croci as well. #4 is a...
  3. bigmike

    If you were looking for a Dunhill...

    My wife finally agreed that I could look for a nice Dunhill Pipe. I really would like to have a size 4 or 5 root briar large bowl from the year 1953. I call upon the vast knowledge and experience from the many helpful pipe smokers here as to where I should start my search for a nice estate...
  4. bigmike

    TAD Strikes Again....

    The dreaded TAD Disease struck again today as my P&C Order was delivered. Additionally, a small PAD affliction was included in this shipment. Several brands I wanted to try and a couple of Corn Cobs for friends that visit and, because my pipe "smells so good", want to try their hand at pipe...
  5. bigmike

    Checking Pocket Change.....Pic

    Guess I'm going to have to start looking at my pocket change a little better to find me one of these..... (Actually on fleabay)
  6. bigmike

    Fathers Day Pipe - 2012

    My wonderful daughters gave me with a terrific pool party and surprised me with a beautiful Savinelli Saturnia 310 Poker Pipe. I'll have a celebratory smoke in it later this afternoon. I'm a pretty fortunate Dad and I try to never forget it....... Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there...
  7. bigmike

    Latest "PAD' Addition

    Here is my latest PAD addition. It's a GBD Prehistoric Hex Bowl. Looking forward to receiving it in a few days.... :puffy:
  8. bigmike

    Just received sample tin of tobacco...

    Just received a sample tin of Maple Street in todays mail from Dream Castle. Looking forward to tying it out this weekend.... Thanks Dream Castle !!!!
  9. bigmike

    Penzance -

    I just received an email alert from SmokingPipes stating they now had "Tinned Penzance" in stock. However, after calling Mark for an order, I learned it was a computer glitch with their new notification system and there was no Penzance in stock. They will have the error corrected today...
  10. bigmike

    Just smoked my 1st Corn Cob

    Well, After all these years, I just smoked my first Corn Cob Pipe. It was a new MM "Country Gentleman" and I loaded it with a new sample of McCelland Georgia Creme (M55). Light, one tamp, a second light and it smoked completely through without another tamp or light and it was very enjoyable...