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  1. batdemon

    Caption Contest 2 Place Prize

    My 2nd place prize from last months caption contest came in last Friday. I wasn't able to get pics posted until today. As you can see, this is a nice size pipe with a rusticated finish and good thick walls. I am very happy with this Sav because it is not a shape I would have picked out for...
  2. batdemon

    1st Rad

    After listening to Harris extoll the virtues of Rad Davis pipes so much that I am convinced he is, in reality, Rad's publicity manager, I decided to take the bait. I had to save up and then wait for a Rad to come along that appealed to me. I really like Billiards, Canadians and Pots, so when...
  3. batdemon

    Contest Pipe Arrived (Pic Heavy)

    My prize from the last Caption Contest arrived yesterday. It is a Brigham Chinook #29 which is kind of a bent apple. This pipe is great, well made, open draw. It is smoking wonderfully even though I have just started breaking it in. Cool, dry, the flavor of the tobacco shines through. I have...
  4. batdemon

    P & W Rumcake vs 515

    Can anyone comment on the differences and/or similarities betweem P&W Rumcake and 515?
  5. batdemon

    Terrible Monday

    As if Monday's aren't bad enough, I received terrible news today. Last Wednesday, when we got home from work, my wife and I noticed that one of our dogs muzzle looked swollen. Upon examining her mouth, we found her front gums very swollen. Took her to vet Thursday morning and was told they...
  6. batdemon

    P & C Great Customer Service

    I recently placed an order with P&C which arrived today. I ordered GLP Navigator, Frog Morton Celler, Nightcap & SPC Plum Pudding. They sent SPC Mississippi River instead of Plum Pudding. I gave them a call and they are shipping the Plum Pudding first thing on Monday and said to keep the...
  7. batdemon

    Horst Lichter's Espressotabak

    There was a recent thread about coffee flavored tobaccos and this blend was mentioned. I decided to give it a try. This blend comes from Germany and is made by Vauen. It is a blend of Burley, Black Cav & VA. Upon opening the tin the coffee aroma is so strong I thought I was next to a coffee...
  8. batdemon

    A Boswell Non Aromatic

    While a lot gets said about Boswell's aromatics, and for good reason as they are great, I don't see much mentioned about any of their non aros. If you like burley blends you should give their Premium Burley a try. Very enjoyable smoke, nice nutty taste and burns great.
  9. batdemon

    Contest Pipe Arrived (pics)

    My Sebastien Beo pipe from the Cartoon Caption contest arrived yesterday. Very nice 6 sided bowl. This is a pipe that is on the small side but that makes it great for when I don't have time for a large bowl, also great for sample smokes. Excellent workmanship, spot on drilling, great fitting...
  10. batdemon

    TAD Arrived Today

    Just received the following in the mail Boswells - Piper's Pleasure, Berry Cobbler & Premiun Burley C&D - Espresso, Capt. Bob's Blend & Pot O Gold These are all new to me so I am looking forward to checking them out. I will report back on them once I have given them a good try. So far have...
  11. batdemon

    Two New Wins From Ebay

    Here are two I scored from Ebay recently. First, a nice Aldo Velani Next is a GBD that I really like. This one was very gunked up, especially the stem. It took me 3 evenings of soaking it and working little by litte to be able to get a pipe cleaner through it. It was well worth it though...
  12. batdemon

    H&H Obsidian

    Does anyone have any experience with Hearth & Home's Obsidian? I ask because I just received the 2oz. I ordered to sample and it is bone dry, very crunchy. I was wondering if this is the way it's supposed to be or if I got a bad order. Thanks
  13. batdemon

    MyLaest Addition (pic heavy)

    Here are my 3 latest. First up is a Twin Bore Pot from Ebay. Never heard of it before. Marked Twin Bore Bite Proof, Made In London England & 495. The stem has twin airholes at the bit. Takes a little more time to clean but smokes well. The next two I got from manytrees. First one is a Sav...
  14. batdemon

    G&H Sweet Coconut Twist

    Ahyone had any experience with this blend? Thinking about adding it to my next TAD and wanted to get some opinions. Thanks :puffy:
  15. batdemon

    Pipe Mud Question

    In raising the bottom of a chamber to better match the draft hole, is it better to apply the mud to a dry bowl or should it be slightly dampened? Thanks
  16. batdemon

    Two GBD Estates

    I picked up a couple of GBD estates last week. I have never tried them before, that and the price is what made me give in and get them. First up is this 1353 shape, I would guess it is in the saucer family, any one knowing more feel free to share. It smokes very nice and only needed a minimum of...
  17. batdemon

    Halfling's Leaf

    When I tried my sample of Halfling's Leaf I posted that I thoroughly enjoyed it and gave it big thumbs up. I ordered 4 oz. recently. I have to say I was curious if this was a one time fluke. It's one thing to come up with a good blend but I think it's quite another to be able to duplicate it on...
  18. batdemon

    TAD at bay, well, for a while.

    My latest order from P&C arrived today. Hearth & Home: Anniversary Cake, Berry Nice, Creberus & Black House G.L. Pease: Meridian & Maltese Falcon C & D: Mississippi Mud, Berries and Cream, & Crowley's Best Some good puffin awaits!
  19. batdemon

    P&C order

    I received my latest order from P&C today. Did the baccy happy dance all the way from the mailbox. I ordered a tin of Villager Cocktail Hour and After Dinner and got the free pipe lighter, which is a nicly made one. Since I ordered on IPSD I got a free goodie bag that included a Czech 3 in 1...
  20. batdemon

    Molto Dolce from Sutliff Private Stock

    I received a free tin of this from Altadis. This is a blend of Burley, VA & Black Cav flavored with caramel, vanilla & honey. The aroma from the tin is very sweet with the vanilla and caramel very predominant. Ribbons of black, dark brown and a smattering of reddis brown. This blend was quite...