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  1. maduroman

    New Nimrod

    lighter, yup i found one, new in box... but there is a problem, it looks like an undersized flint was forced into it and the flint wheel is jammed. does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?
  2. maduroman

    My little

    Sebastien Beo panel side briar is quickly becoming one of my fav pipes. it is getting almost as much smoking time as my cob. Funny too, because it isn't a pipe i would buy.... but it is a pipe that i won and am enjoying it more and more every day...
  3. maduroman

    I have been

    greatly remiss in acknowledging the wonderfull little pipe I received as my winning prize for October's caption contest. It is a panel-sided, rusticated, straight stem pipe and it smokes wonderful. The great thing about it is it is a pipe that I would have passed on buying because I would have...
  4. maduroman

    Just recieved

    in my casa, 1 lb bull's eye flake 1 lb lane 1q 1/2 lb luxery twist i have some odds n ends around to smoke up, but these are a rep of 90% of my smoking along with 90% of it being in 1 of 2 old glued and duct taped cobs. i have other pipe, i just like these the most...
  5. maduroman

    Samual Gaiwith no more

    As much as this pains me to say, i will not be buying or hunting SG blends any more. It seems like whenever i find a blend i enjoy finding more of it is harder than finding a unicorn. The enjoyment i get from the blends just aint worth the pita of finding more. Kinda funny, but alot of my...
  6. maduroman

    I will never, EVER be a board moderator again

    it has to be one of the most thankless tasks in the world, bar none. I would rather sandpaper an alligator's butt in a telephone booth than subject myself to the abuse i have put up with the last year or so on another board.
  7. maduroman

    Rank Discrimination I Tell You!

    Kevin is discriminating against all of us who have hair! Don't believe me? just look at the pictures of the mods, bald or balding, all of them! In recognition to this affront on humanity WITH hair, I am gonna occupy the rocker on my porch and smoke untill he apoints someone WITH a full head of...
  8. maduroman

    our Marines

    Chesty Puller HAS to be spinning in his grave over the latest orders from Marine High Command. i know this would be ment with willfull disobediance in the Army...,2e31785c
  9. maduroman

    my son

    i have found out that my son is a pipe smoker. i had commented that he gets my peterson pipe when i am gone and he ripped off the whole peterson pipe story off the top of his head. you have to understand that him and i have been estranged for a number of years and our mutual love of the briar is...
  10. maduroman

    corncob experiment

    yesterday i conducted an experiment with one of my cob pipes. i filled and lit it @ 8 am and kept it going all day untill well after six. sometimes i just shoved more tobacco on top when she got down under 3/4 full and relit, other times i finished it all and started over with a fresh one. the...
  11. maduroman

    i am doing the pee pee dance

    i have a tin of chelsea morning on the way. it is suposed to be here by the 8th and i can not wait! got a buncha sutliff coming too, but the chelsea will be the 1st one i try..
  12. maduroman

    the blog bug has bit

    the siren call of the blog bug has bit me, and now i too, have a blog... ya all are more than welcome to read and comment. don't worry, i have a thick skin... :) one nice thing about a blog, you can get long winded as you want...
  13. maduroman

    west coast

    am looking for people out here in central california for an informal group...
  14. maduroman

    tobacco and pipes question for you smart guys

    okay, i am assuming that aroumatic pipe tobacco has flavor additives like cherry, apple, rum, ect. the tobacco i currently smoke is plain old tobacco with no flavorings. will the aromatics stick around after and taint the bowl? will smokes after have the ghost of cherries jubilee after?