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  1. keith929

    Cob Lovers

    Missouri Meerschaum and Cornell & Diehl have collaborated to produce two new cobs. They are being sold on Smoking Pipes website. I just snagged two for myself. I am sure they will sellout fast since the price is right.
  2. keith929

    Rejection Can Be a Good Thing

    A few weeks ago I sent this pipe to as an estate for credit in an effort to weed out pipes that I hadn't smoked in a while. It was rejected and when I asked why they pointed out that it had a rather significant tooth hole on the underside of the button that I hadn't noticed. I...
  3. keith929

    Memorial Day

    For my fallen comrades in arms: When you go home, Tell them for us and say, For all your tomorrows We gave our today Unknown Your sacrifices have not been in vain. 334th Aviation Co. Bien Hoa, RVN
  4. keith929

    My first Rad Davis

    After reading the rave reviews given to Rad Davis pipes I decided to commission one for myself. I really enjoyed his interpretation of the Devil Anse so that was the design I picked. My pipe arrived about five days ago and I delayed gratification until today when I could enjoy that first smoke...
  5. keith929

    Pete and RePete

    I had a serious case of Pad during Christmas sooooooo I ordered these estates from smokingpipes. The top one is a Sterling XL90,second from the top is a Killarney XL90,third is a Rocky XL90(silver band) and last my favorite an African meer billiard(vintage unknown). Those of you who love Petes...
  6. keith929

    Show Us Your Best Smoker(s)

    If you had to choose just one or two pipes in your collection that are what you consider your "best smokers" what would they be and why? For me the answer would be my pair of Bewlay Emeralds. When I purchased these pipes back in the 70s they were bright green and part of a limited production...
  7. keith929

    Briar Fatigue ?

    Has this ever happened to you? I just finished deep cleaning my entire pipe collection(89 and still growing). Now for some strange reason I don't want to smoke any of my briar pipes. For the past week the only pipes I seem to reach for are my meerschaums. Normally I reach for one of my pipes at...
  8. keith929

    Problem with website

    Is anyone else having problems getting's new photo format to display ? I have no problems when using IE but the pictures will not display when using Mozilla firefox 15.0.1. I emailed SP's webmaster but I haven't gotten a response yet. I know it's really no big deal because I can...
  9. keith929

    Vacation Drive

    Since The summer vacation season is ending I thought you dads out there would appreciate this. The accent is pure Western Pa where I spent a good portion of my childhood growing up. (Yeah, I'm a yunser at heart.) Enjoy !
  10. keith929

    Jersey Boys

    Any Jersey Boys out there? Shout out your exit and your favorite BM store. I'm exit 10 and my favorite b/m is Smoker's Haven.
  11. keith929

    G L Pease Sextant

    G L Pease Sextant is now available over at SmokingPipes. I just ordered a couple of tins I can hardly wait!
  12. keith929

    Dog Done it

    My black lab got it in his head that my Ken Sukurai freehand looked just like his chew toy so he took it out of my ashtray and this is the result. In the past I have read about the excellent work done by Walker Briar Works, do you think he can restore my "baby" to pristine condition?
  13. keith929

    Is it me ?

    I just purchased tobacco from a shop I have patronized in the past but will never visit again. The owner maintains a smoking room in the back of his establishment for cigar smokers who pay him a healthy monthly fee to store their cigars and for the use of the room as a smoking lounge. I filled...