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  1. lelik

    FS: Classic Burley Kake, Sunrise Smoke,etc (2/5/2020)

    Classic Burley Kake- 8 oz can (2016) Balkan Luxury Blend 957 (2016) Sunrise Smoke (2016) Molto Dolce (2015) Missouri Meerschaum ''Great Dane'' and ''Missouri Pride'' (2016) Sealed tins.$45.00.Shipping included.Paypal F & F. Shipping to CONUS only .Thank you.
  2. lelik

    Show Off Your collection of corn cob pipes.

    Many of as like to use corn cob pipes. If some of you have rare,old or unusual pipes, please share so we can see them. Thank you!
  3. lelik

    Rares, Uniques or Very Old Sealed Tobacco Tins.

    G.L.Pease Abingdon 2004
  4. lelik

    What Did You Smoke Today? Cigars.

    Herrera Esteli Miami.Ginger Ale my drink.
  5. lelik

    Show Off Your Folding Pocket Knife

    Parker-Imai/Stag handle/Japan
  6. lelik

    Hello from NY.

    Hello From New York.After some months of reading the forum I finally signed up. I have been smoking pipes for about 1 year.I'm cigar smoker ,but enjoy pipe few times a week . Huge fan of Five Brothers(easy to pack and smoke). I smoke Meerschaum pipes mostly. I am new to this hobby,and looking...