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  1. economistandfisherman

    Loose Stem Repair Option

    Just performed a loose stem repair to an old Rossi of mine and worked like a charm...then did the same to 2 cobs I have and worked great on those as well. Took boiling water and poured it into a small bowl to about 3/4" deep, took a worm/screw clamp and clamped it around the mortise of the...
  2. economistandfisherman

    Has anyone ever purchased whole leaf from this company?

    Has anyone every purchased whole leaf from this company and if so, was it quality stuff? Whole Leaf Tobacco Company
  3. economistandfisherman

    Cigar Sampler Liquidation

    Everyone, just an FYI that the Famous Smoke Shop online has a really nice liquidation sale on cigar samplers going on; anyone who is interested in trying out other brands, this is a good chance to do it for cheap. Just click on their clearance tab at the top (and...
  4. economistandfisherman

    Steve Martin, Steep Canyon Rangers, and Great Dane tobacco

    Just finished watching this video on my laptop outside while smoking a bowl of MM's Great Dane...Steep Canyon are a bunch of guys most of which come from this area around me (mostly Brevard NC and Asheville NC)...I've seen them in concert about 20 times; saw them with Steve a couple of years...
  5. economistandfisherman

    For the Savinelli lovers like myself

    Just got this in my email "120 Gorgeous Savinelli Pipes | All 40% Off MSRP" at smokingpipes the Desigual's look like a particularly good deal. (I hope I didn't break any commercialization posts with this thread...I'm not affiliated with Savinelli or smokingpipes at all, just wanted to pass this...
  6. economistandfisherman

    How to live longer...

    Okay everyone! Here is something out of my local paper (online of course) about living longer...add pipe smoking to the mix and you'll live to you're 100+ !!! "People who drink moderate amounts of alcohol or coffee and are overweight in their 70s live longer lives, according to researchers at UC...
  7. economistandfisherman

    Give me a shot of whiskey in a dirty glass! Pipe cleaning without solvents

    I've always been a poker and scraper guy when it comes to pipe cleaning. Maintenance-wise, each day (or after each 2 to 3 bowls) I run pipe cleaners through everything, but, for hardcore cleaning, I've never used any sort of solvents to clean a pipe, and I'm not sure I would like the...
  8. economistandfisherman

    Postpone your PAD or TAD, buy stock instead!

    Stocks are at a big time low right now people (have you seen Bank of America?)...put off your addictions and buy some stock...just sayin... :mrgreen: :!: You know you have plenty of tobacco and pipes on hand to last you through to the year 2300!
  9. economistandfisherman

    Allman Brothers Songs and Smoking a Pipe

    Do you ever listen to the Allman Brothers while smoking? I do all the time, and their songs seem to greatly enhance the effect...what are your favorite Allman songs while smoking? My top five are 1. Pegasus 2. Ain't Wastin' Time No More 3. Revival 4. Ramblin' Man 5. Southbound If you...
  10. economistandfisherman

    Waxing (or maybe waning) philosophically: Hobby or habit?

    Was watching an episode of MASH last night, and Col. Potter handed Radar a cigar and Radar asked 'Is it habit forming?' and Potter responds 'Son, I've been smoking 5 cigars a day for 45 years and never got the habit' to which Radar responds 'that's good to know'. It got me thinking about how...