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    "Strike anywhere" matches disappearing in your area too?

    Here in S.W. Florida, wooden "strike anywhere" matches are going the way of the do-do; disappearing from grocery and hardware shelves really fast. All that's available are "strike on box" wooden matches. Don't know about you fellows, but I like the sporty look of strike'in one on the heel of...
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    So you really can't cellar an aeromatic??

    A new guy question here. All the posts say you can't mason jar an aeromatic. Anybody done it? For a good long time in the jar? I don't want to waste good money on cellaring something unsuccessfully, so anyones help will be much appreciated.
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    SG Full Virginia PLUG -- anyone ever heard of this one?

    I saw what looked like a 250 gram box , the correct looking box, of Samuel Gawaith Full Virginia PLUG (out of stock, if you can believe it) on a european e-tailers site. I didn't see it on tobacco reviews. Anyone know anything about this unusual weed? Has Full Virginia Plug ever been sold on...
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    How Many Pounds To Cellar To Last 10 Years?

    For those who have "done the math" on long term cellaring, how many pounds does one need to put away to last 10 years? And for those who post, how many bowls a day/week/month are you planning to smoke from the stash so that it will last the full 10 years? This forum has to be the best place in...
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    GH- Dark Plug Is In At Mars! 8:30 am. Mon.

    Mars put GH- Dark Plug up this weekend and it's still up now. Good Luck!
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    I Want To Smoke Forever! (but I need some help figureing out how)

    I'm daunted by how many mason jars and how much room I'll need to lay in a lifetime's supply (like one or two hundred pounds)of tobacco like some of the more forsightful members here. SO! Any suggestions for BULK flakes that might not take up so much room, won't break the bank, but are still...
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    Are there any States where you can still smoke at work?

    I live in Florida, a state burdened by a "clean indoor air act". They banned smoking, EVERYWHERE except a few bars where food isn't served (and casinos, of course)---even in private clubs! So, are there any Free States left where you can smoke at work, or are they all Ban States? How about...
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    Does Anyone Know What's Up With Pipestud's Website?

    I enjoy Pipestud's site and it has a) changed it's look, b) hasn't been updated since December 15th and c) is mostly just blank. Now it's well known that I am prone to premature panic (look for me at the head of any TAD stampede) so any updates would be appreciated.
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    Where are all the Peter Stokkebye flakes?

    Does anyone know if there is another "supply problem" brewing with Peter Stokkebye flakes? It seems like they are disappearing from most of the e-tailers I follow.
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    New American Plug From Pease?

    Well, when I asked about American plugs, who woudda thought Mr. Peace would roll one out the next day? Here is the description I found: JackKnife Plug - dark-fired Kentucky leaf and ripe red Virginia tobaccos, with their deep, earthy flavors, are layered on a central core of golden flue-cured...
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    Kawoodie advice: cleaning while hot: A-OK or Totally Taboo?.

    Reading extensively on the forums, the accepted wisdom seems to be, don't pull the stem from the pipe to clean it untill after it cools. But a vintage Kaywoodie I bought has a screw-in metal end on the stem, and it screws into a metal socket too. So it seemed to me to be engineered something...
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    Tell us about the old American-produced Plug pipe tobaccos!

    At a certain well known vintage tobacco web site I once saw a lot of what looked like American produced Plug pipe tobaccos. Garry Owen? Walnut? WOW! They looked cool! Anyway, I wanted to ask the expierenced pipers; what were the U.S. produced pipe Plugs? What were they like? Were there...
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    Prince Albert! how long should I store it in the 14oz can?

    Need some knowledge from the members on how long the popular OTC blends like Prince Albert or Carter Hall will store in the 14oz treated cardboard cans. Or should I go straight to the Mason jar? The answer might lead to a really big (or really small) TAD attack!)