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  1. newbroom

    In Memory of Matches860

    The news of Matches (aka: John Harden) having passed into the next stage of his existence has caused a lot of folks to think of him and what he has meant to their pipes and tobaccos experience. That John was reportedly only 64 yrs old should give us all pause to consider our own limitations and...
  2. newbroom

    This is a Pipe Wrench

    makes more sense than the normal "stiltson" type It's listed HERE.
  3. newbroom

    ***What Are YOU Smoking?*** July 2019

    Just smoked a bowl of 50/50 Va and Burley in a Grabow Westbrook straight apple wire brush finish.
  4. newbroom

    Vertical Marketing, Supply & Demand, Brand

    Ok, so, I used to drink beer. Sometimes I even drank in public. Once I went to a 'pub' with a weekly trivia contest as a guest of regulars. We all got stupid, or at least I did. I was having a blast, until about 2 hours in, the waitress announced to our table that there was no more Budweiser. I...
  5. newbroom

    A Birthday Surprise From a Forum Friend

    I recently clicked another yr on the ageometer and was very pleasantly surprised to receive a hand made maple billiard. I can die a happy man now, cuz I got a Besse from Red Deer Alberta!
  6. newbroom

    Just Under An Ounce A Day

    Just under an ounce a day. That's how much tobacco I burn. I smoke about 7 or 8 bowls I guess, on average...and I've read that the average pipe which I am assuming is a group 4, requires approx. 3 grams of tobacco. So, that computes to just under a half pound of tobacco a week, with some...
  7. newbroom

    Cigar Event in Hollywood FL - FYI

    I stumbled upon this website this a.m. I think it might be of interest.
  8. newbroom

    New Year's Resolution

    No more smoking inside my place. I had the kids here for a visit around the Holiday season, and I didn't smoke inside then, as they are all non smokers. After their departure, I realized that I probably might be better off continuing to smoke outside. The air quality inside is obviously...
  9. newbroom

    Discovery Leads to Learning

    I bought a B. Barlings & Sons estate pipe (#4065) a couple of years ago, and I smoke it from time to time. It easily passes a pipe cleaner, has a comfortable stem, incredible finish and as I looked more closely at it while I was out in the sunlight, I noticed some printing on the underside of...
  10. newbroom

    My Favorite Pipe

    My favorite pipe has been a Lorenzo Standard half bent rusticated billiard. This a.m. during a routine maintenance of it's insides, I broke the shank at the mortise while simply replacing the stem. I was watching my computer screen and listening to something and as I pushed the stem rather...
  11. newbroom

    Menthol Pipe Tobacco

    I started smoking pipes (plural) after many years of struggle with cigarettes. I've never been a fan of menthol. However, I have been a fan of tobacco taste and smell. Like most of us, I've enjoyed sampling as many of the blends as I could during my first years in this 'sport', and I've...
  12. newbroom

    Czech Tool Wizardry

    I use the pick part of my Czech frequently to clear an airpath through my tobacco after having charred and smoked a portion of my initial 'pack'. Typically, I'm smoking a crimp, ribbon, or shag cut or a mix of these presentations and they tend to expand and choke themselves after a char if I...
  13. newbroom

    Pipe Smokers Can Be a Sentimental "Lot"

    Motivation? Why do you enjoy pipe smoking? The answer(s) are myriad, but, those of us who persist include a certain amount of emotional gratification. This can be derived from loyalty, or memories, or shared values amongst fellow pipers. *Gramps used to smoke a pipe, and Gramps was...
  14. newbroom

    British Open

    Here's a nice way to augment a tasty bowl of tobacco, watch some major tournament golf!
  15. newbroom

    Four Years Here, Thank You!

    I just noticed that my start date here is July 11th, 2014. Figured I'd take a moment and thank all those ivolved here for their input. This hobby has enhanced my life immeasurably, and I've learned so much from all of you. The best 'takeaway'? I can now enjoy my nicotine, and taste wonderful...
  16. newbroom

    20,000th Post! mso489, Here?

    I anticipate mso489 to hit his milestone 20k post on the forums, sometime later today. I am putting this thread up to thank him for his thoughtful contributions, considerate responses, and exceptional cordiality. Also, maybe, he'll time it right so that his incredible feat happens right here...
  17. newbroom

    Pipes AND Tobacco

    I have been really enjoying both aspects of pipe smoking in the last 3 yrs since I became 'woke' to the process. Pipes have been a large part of my interest, but really, they're secondary to what gets burned in them. I've been trying to become sufficient in the cellar department as...
  18. newbroom

    Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder: BEHOLD

    current bids on this ebay offering are only $239.50, but there is still time for you to get in. Ain't she a beaut?
  19. newbroom

    Some Premium Tobacco, MUST BE?!

    I enjoy Marlin Flake and was checking out Rattray's offerings @ pipes and cigars There's one tin that will likely remain in stock.
  20. newbroom

    A Montage of Tobacco Ads

    I found a bunch of pipe smoking excerpts on youtube this a.m. and this: