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  1. donjgiles

    Would You Like to Live in Gawith Hoggarth & Co Headquarters?

    (Copied from Gawith Hoggarth & Co's Facebook page with cool photos) Snuff and tobacco manufacture started at the building on Lowther Street back in 1792 and continued until Gawith Hoggarth & Co moved to the new industrial unit in the early...
  2. donjgiles

    Down to Only One Pipe a Day :)

  3. donjgiles

    Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co. Importation Troubles?

    I just read this on another social media site. I have no facts to confirm or deny I am just putting this out there... "I just wanted to let you know that until Gawith Hoggarth files its PMT forms with the FDA, the importer is unable to submit additional orders and, on top of that, the FDA has...
  4. donjgiles

    Comoy's Selected Straight Grain

    These pipes very often go overlooked. Comoy's highest grade pipe was the Specimen Straight Grain, the Selected are pipes that just barely missed the mark for top billing. This example has one tiny fill on the rim.
  5. donjgiles

    Grand Slam Patent Pending 331 Bulldog

    Reinforced tenon and shank. Wish I could find the proper sized leather washer for a "complete" pipe.
  6. donjgiles

    Blue Riband Lovat Straight Grain Blue C

  7. donjgiles

    Sasieni One Dot Patent Shape 64

    This is a bucket list pipe for me.
  8. donjgiles

    Comoy's Old Bruyere 256 Author

    This was my Christmas present to myself. I watch for old Comoys and this is a shape that does not come around very often. I don't like to use the word rare, but in this case I think it is appropriate. Old style "fancy" Comoy's, COM stamp is Made in England footlball.
  9. donjgiles

    Charatan Rarity

    This pipe really gave me trouble and it is still not where I would like it to be. I wanted to challenge myself, and I did. I will not buy any more pipes in this condition, it is just too frustrating! I am not sure how "rare" a Rarity is, but I don't think they are uncommon at all. I have seen...
  10. donjgiles

    GBD Virgin Perspex

    I recently picked this pipe up and the refresh was rather simple but the stem did give me troubles. I tried Nature's Solvent (spit), Barkeepers Friend, Hot Soap and Water, and Everclear. None of those worked, at all. The only thing that worked? Acetone, or in this case, nail polish remover.
  11. donjgiles

    Fishnbanjo Collection

    I noticed Sante Giuliani AKA fishnbanjo's collection is starting to hit Ebay, if you are interested... May they each find good homes.
  12. donjgiles

    Rougaroux - Perfect

    The new blend by Watch City's Master Tobacco Mixer-Upper is exquisite. Well behaved, polite, medium/full sweet virginia and perique that has been a delight for the first third of the bowl. Visually, the blend is the prettiest virginia tobacco I have ever seen, flake parts, soft reds, oranges...
  13. donjgiles

    Oxford - By Sasieni Shape 56 xs

    Here is yet another previously unknown seconds brand for Sasieni.
  14. donjgiles

    Site Help - Easiest Way To View Most Recent Threads Help

    What is the easiest way to view the most recent threads from all categories? I have tried clicking on the forums link and scrolling past the categories and browsing posts from there. Also by using "New Posts" option and clicking between "What's New" and "New Posts" and I am curious which is...
  15. donjgiles

    Redman's Royal Straight Grain F

    Here is an interesting pipe I just cleaned up. Not much out there about Redman pipes except for this page from Very Keen on Pipes - John Redman. Does anyone out there have anything they can add about these British pipes?
  16. donjgiles

    W.O. Larsen 49 Goo goo g'joob

    This is a pipe I have been chasing for quite some time. I was happy to win the bid on this one.
  17. donjgiles

    Big Family: The Story of Bluegrass Music - PBS

    Check it out... Don
  18. donjgiles

    Cool Cannoy Wax Drip Tamper

    I put a post on Walt's page inquiring about having him make me a tamper. Since I am so in love with his wax drip pipes, he made me this... Now I just need to save my pennies for one of his wax drip pipes! :) Don
  19. donjgiles

    Sam Gawith

    Many blends in stock, if you use your noggin. :) Don
  20. donjgiles

    Can I Get Anyone a Drink?

    :) Don