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  1. mathoozula

    Captain Earle's crumble cakes

    Anyone else noticed that when you crumble out theses cakes from Captain Earle's that they burn rather quickly. Does anyone have any tips to getting these blends to burn longer? Should I slice the cake, dry it out more, pack it more tightly, put in some baccy in the food processor and chop it...
  2. mathoozula

    Country Squire Tobaccos

    Has anyone tried the tobaccos of Country Squire? My attention was drawn to them because of the Middle Earth labeled tobaccos, but the non-aromatics look pretty good. Anyone tried Bag End? I'll probably put in an order for some baccy, but if anyone can lend an honest opinion, that would be great!
  3. mathoozula

    Where to find MM corn cobs grabbag?

    Does anyone remember which site has the 10 MM corn cobs grab-bag? I've looked at a few sites while checking out tobaccos and haven't found the bundle deal anywhere.
  4. mathoozula

    My recent haul

    [/URL][/img] Here is my recent order from Cup O
  5. mathoozula

    Aging tobacco and refrigerators

    I've noticed that quite a few pipesters who cellar their tobacco use refrigerators to keep the tobacco. Does refrigeration accelerate the aging process?
  6. mathoozula

    Quart sized Mason Jars - how many oz do they hold?

    I've just recently started to buy some bulk tobacco and was wondering if there was a rule of thumb about how much tobacco will fit in a quart sized Mason jar?
  7. mathoozula

    Why don't aromatics make cake on my briar?

    I got a hefty King-sized Savinelli last year. I have been using it to smoke the occasional aromatic, but have preferred not to use it as it gets rather hot quickly. I know it needed broken in, but after almost a year of sporadic use, it has no cake at all. Should I just go ahead and enjoy my...
  8. mathoozula

    Aromatics that have dried out

    I bought some bulk 1Q and PS Nougat and left them in the baggies. Now the tobacco has dried all the way. Should I try to humidify the bags in my cigar humidor? It is empty at the moment since I'm a reformed pipester. I noticed that the aroma was just not there and it had a dry quality to the...
  9. mathoozula

    Rim darkening

    What exactly causes rim darkening? Is it the smoke or the lighting of the bowl? I've had some gunk collect on the top of my bowl; does this lead to rim darkening? The pipe is a cheaper one and I've already clenched the stem so I say let the gunk collect. I'd rather have gunk on my bowl then...
  10. mathoozula


    I just got a shipment of Latakia based blends: GLP Chelsea Morning, GLP Odyssey, GLP Key Largo, GLP Piccadilly. Key Largo is great as is the Haddo's Delight I received. (wish I bought the bigger tins in both of those) I must say that the Chelsea Morning has some orientals in it, but I could...
  11. mathoozula


    Does Perique ghost a pipe? Should I have a dedicated pipe just for Perique blends?
  12. mathoozula

    Flakes - Any Information on Selection and Packing?

    Being new to pipes and limited at my B&M, I do not have any information on flakes. I would like to try them since I am a cigar smoker and am interested in more full flavor tobacco than the aros I have been smoking. Any advice would help..
  13. mathoozula

    Meerschaum for a beginner?

    I tend to smoke hot and was wondering if I should stay away from a meer pipe until I get better technique? Are meers for more English or Balkan blends or can I smoke Aros out of them?