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  1. jeepnewbie

    Been Away for a While

    Greetings it’s been a while since my last post. Been away for awhile due to a couple of things. Surgery was one of those things. Pretty much healed completely and decided it was time to get outdoors. Got to go hiking yesterday and enjoy the mountain where I’m visiting. :-) Wore my pipe hat...
  2. jeepnewbie

    Picture From A Friend

    A buddy of mine who doesn't smoke pipes sent this picture he drew. Enjoy
  3. jeepnewbie

    School's Band Concert

    Figured I'd hop on here while my daughter and her class walk off the stage and the 8th grade prepares to play. Watching them grow up brings so much joy to me. Seeing her persue playing musical instruments is so great, knowing it is something she wants to do. Well the 8th graders are warming up...
  4. jeepnewbie

    Pool Question

    I was in my backyard today and heard water running. I saw a whole lot of water running off the neighbors concrete deck under the fence into my yard. Not knowing if a line broke I went over to investigate. I looked over the fence and he was by his pool filter with water gushing out of a pipe that...
  5. jeepnewbie

    Restoring Missing Dots

    Here a question I haven't been able to find an answer too. When restoring pipe stems and you have half a dot because it isn't a rod inserted into the stem, but instead it paint dots or something else that is just added to the top layer like stickers. If those are removed how would one go about...
  6. jeepnewbie

    Surgery Sucks

    Had surgery on Monday 31Oct, and figured I'd be about 90-95 percent by Wednesday. Well it's now Friday and I'd say I'm about 50 percent. Still having trouble just putting socks on and going to the restroom. Thought I'd be back at work by Monday, however my discharge says no lifting, pushing...
  7. jeepnewbie


    I have a question some might find odd. :D Has anyone seen pins with tobacco related logos for sale anywhere? While at the NASPC I got the This Pipe Life, and a NASPC pin with the logo on it. I then ordered the other three pins from NASPC that they have. I have them on my pipe smoking hat, and...
  8. jeepnewbie

    Traded With HMHaines

    Haines was interested in the pipe I restored and fixed up and made an offer for trade. I told him what I was interested in and he went above and beyond by sending some extra items. Well here is everything. Thanks Haines!
  9. jeepnewbie

    Reject No More (Pic Heavy)

    Here is a link to the original post. I was not quite sure how I was going to approach all the fills in this pipe. I then decided to just go for it, hope you enjoy.
  10. jeepnewbie

    Tobacco Grinder

    Seen this interesting looking grinder at the local antique store. Looks home made to me.
  11. jeepnewbie

    Just Finished Drilling

    Working on some new projects and even attempting a reverse calabash with my first soon to be hand cut stem. Hopefully I can shape it right.
  12. jeepnewbie

    Country Gentleman

    I was talking with my grandfather the other night, about his dad smoking pipes. Sadly I never got to meet him, and he was the only other piper that I know of, besides a distant relative I never met. I have been wondering what pipes and tobaccos my great granddaddy smoked. My grandfather said he...
  13. jeepnewbie

    Looking At A Lathe

    I'm seriously thinking of going for this lathe. Grizzly I was also considering the 10 x 22 lathe also however my chuck I have wont fit a 1 3/4 spindle. What size lathes do others on here use? Would a 20mm bore be ok for working stems with the larger stocks not fitting into the bore when...
  14. jeepnewbie

    Layton Pipes (Sloth Line)

    Setting here enjoying a sloth pipe from Clark Layton. Really like everything about this pipe, any others here tried the Layton pipes?
  15. jeepnewbie

    Late 50s Matchbox Case

    I found this nice little piece at a antique store the other day. At $10 I couldn't pass it up.
  16. jeepnewbie

    Next Project

    Here are the next four pieces of briar I plan on shaping. The one in the middle is going to be really interesting with the outside shape it has.
  17. jeepnewbie

    Just Finished

    Done up the black one with the band today. I wanted to see if I could crank out a pipe in one day. I'm happy with the results for a quick turn around pipe. The diamond shank one I did last week. Wasn't quite sure how I wanted to stain it it so I went for a light stain.
  18. jeepnewbie

    Stain Question

    Decided to try my hand at a freehand pipe. I got everything shaped the way I wanted it then time to stain. Every stain I've done so far came out the way I wanted it. This one not so much, I started off with black Fiebings leather alcohol dye. Then sanded to apply the next dye. The black didn't...
  19. jeepnewbie

    NASPC Pipe Show

    I'm planning to make the trip to go to a pipe show next month in Dublin. I was wondering who is planning on going. How far have you traveled for a show? It's a 10 hour drive from here, but I've not been to Dublin before and would like to make it a trip on my bike. Hope to see some folks there.
  20. jeepnewbie

    New Finds to Restore, Plus a New Pipe

    Pipemaker Unknown, looks hand made. side has what appears as &EC 3-86 H.M.M.................. Son can't make out all of it Paul Fischer Meerschaum Also got this nice plug cutter. Picked this up from the Gatlinburlier