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  1. anglesey

    Cleaning a briar pipe... When and How?

    This. This and a pipe cleaner down the stem's good enough unless you feel a deep clean is in order.
  2. anglesey

    A Tough Day At The Office....

    I feel your pain buddy, I really do, but I cant help but thinking I'd love to go swimming in that pool in a thunderstorm
  3. anglesey

    Safety Razor Questions

    Congratulations on your contrived old world tastes, but nobody asked, whereas this guy did. Keep your bile to yourself. I use a blade still it starts to give me a tiny bit of a rash. Also check this out. I heard about it a few years ago but I've never got round to trying it myself.
  4. anglesey

    Article on Intro to Wet Shaving

    Good article, worth a read. Personally I wet shave, I just prefer it. I dont understand the fetishisms that crop up around it though, at the end of the day you're only scraping hair off your face...
  5. anglesey

    Poofiest Pipecleaners (for cobs)?

    I find the denicotea tapered pipe cleaners more than up to the job.
  6. anglesey

    Hot Weather Smoking

    Aye I feel your pain. I hate smoking in the hot weather. Eventhough it rarely gets above 77 degrees here, it's still too warm for me. I tend to just smoke cigarettes in summer.
  7. anglesey

    One for the Brits: Can You Do All These Accents?

    The gentleman in question was ready for his dinner, so he closed the door (and presumably the shop) and went home for his dinner. He received his dinner (most likely gammon and chips or pie and gravy) when his boss appears in a rather distressed state and discharges the gentleman from further...
  8. anglesey

    Portable Pipe?

    Do you not have a glove box? Also, seconded on the cobs.
  9. anglesey

    Your Favorite Toppings

    What is sold as 'mexican hot' in this country is my favourite. It has pepperoni, jalapenos, and most importantly, red onions and peppers.
  10. anglesey

    This Is Not Condor!

    Oh my, I haven't seen the fast show in years. I do believe these two gentleman are his successors. quite literally.
  11. anglesey

    5K Posts; Where Has The Time Gone?

    As cheech and chong would say; up in smoke!
  12. anglesey

    Where do you smoke your pipe?

    I smoke everywhere it's legal to. Other people offend me in a myriad of other ways, so I don't really feel any concern.
  13. anglesey

    Fluffy Pipe Cleaners

    I find you get used to them after a while, and when you do, it's hard to go back. Regular pipe cleaners seem bullshit now, like trying to sweep a chimney with a handbrush tied to a stick.
  14. anglesey

    A Man, A Pipe, and A Dog

    I know how you feel man. Despite everything, this daft lump that costs me a fortune in food's still my favourite thing in the world. She's an extention of me, and I wouldn't swap her for all the tea in china. I love to see people who love their dogs. Reminds me I'm not nuts.
  15. anglesey

    Navy Considers Banning Tobacco Sales On Bases

    'sailors that are fit and resilient' Sailors do less physical work these days than ever before. If half pissed pressed men and foreigners could throw enough iron to beat the combined navies of france and spain in 1805 then modern navies can easily defeat modern foes (i.e, tribesmen in inflatable...
  16. anglesey

    Coloring Book For Lawyers

    Lmao. I should print this off and stick it up in the office. The elevator one kills me, that might have to go in a frame.
  17. anglesey

    Suggestions for a Working Man's Lunch?

    Hah, I had to google that then, I had no idea thats what they were called!
  18. anglesey

    Suggestions for a Working Man's Lunch?

    We used to take pasties and pork pies when we was working a long day on the moors. Bring him pastry and meat and veg. And a good four or five pints when he gets home, that'll give him the unction to keep going.
  19. anglesey


    On the swively razor head review, I have seldom seen a review that I have agreed with more. That line of products is absolute balls and lasts about 10 minutes.
  20. anglesey

    Ligher Tip

    seconded on the ignition wheel. those things wear down like anything. Never tried the alcohol though, I usually just go at it with a wire brush. Definitely giving it a try though.