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  1. danielplainview

    FS: Sasieni, GBD, Stanwell 10/31/19

    GBD Virgin. $100 Excellent condition. No issues. No repairs. Crystal clear stem. image hosting uploading a picture Sasieni 4 Dot. $125. 360 ring grain blast. Excellent condition. No issues. No repairs. Light inner rim darkening. Stanwell Speciality. $125 Excellent condition. No...
  2. danielplainview

    Show Us Your Centenarians

    Do have any pipes close to, or over the 100 year mark? Show us those ancient beauties.
  3. danielplainview

    Rim Rebuild and Resto for an Early Model BBB

    This was in poor condition to say least, but I still had to have it. The fat stubby nosewarmers from the turn of the century always catch my eye. BBB L.W.K. If anyone can tell me what the LWK nomenclature means, I’d greatly appreciate it. how to upload images
  4. danielplainview

    Cutty Before/After Restoration

    This is a shape I’ve never seen in my many years of hunting LHS. I was pleasantly surprised to find some decent grain under all that dark stain and grunge. The rim was charred and beat up. That was all the excuse I needed to add a slight bevel. 1926 patent era LHS Purex shape #84.
  5. danielplainview

    Savinelli Silver Before/After Restoration

    Fat stubby billiard with a silver band. It checked all the boxes for me. I had to rescue it. It looked rough upon arrival but it was worth the trouble.
  6. danielplainview

    Warning Labels & Tin Art

    More and more tins with these charming warning labels keep showing up. How long will it be before tin art is a thing of the past?
  7. danielplainview

    LHS Firethorn Before/After Restoration

    This Firethorn checked all the boxes for me. Squat bulldog, silverband, and tapered stem. I’ve only seen 5 Firethorn models over the past few years, and I’ve brought 3 of them home. This bulldog is a welcome addition to the flock. [url=]host image
  8. danielplainview

    Glen Murphy Sandblasts

    A few sandblasts from Glen Murphy. All made from 1969-1989. screen shot pc
  9. danielplainview

    A Couple Restoration Before/After Pics

    I quite enjoyed seeing all the recent restoration threads. Keep them coming guys. Here’s a couple Grabow 81’s I fixed up. image url upload
  10. danielplainview

    A Must Have For Any Real Pipe Smoker.

    image url upload
  11. danielplainview

    1899 BBB ? Help With Hallmark

    I’m hoping some of the English pro’s can help me out with this date. AF&Co BBB Own Make. Stamped anchor, thin long lion, and letter “d”
  12. danielplainview

    Not a McClelland's Thread

    Who’s with me? Memes anyone?
  13. danielplainview

    For The WDC Fans- Display Case

    This would be the ultimate centerpiece for any of you WDC guys. Great piece of history.
  14. danielplainview

    Please Buy This Before I Do. P.A.D. Trigger
  15. danielplainview

    Show Us Your Top 10 Smokers

    We’ve all heard or said the phrase, This is one of my best smokers. Well after sharing stories of our “top 10” best burners with a friend, I thought it would be fun if everyone joined in. Based purely on smoking enjoyment, let’s see your Top Ten.
  16. danielplainview

    Same Blend. Looks Completely Different

    I noticed a huge difference in appearance of this new batch when I jarred it. In the picture below, are two different batches of Margate. From the sellers info, the batch shown on the right is a few years old. The left batch is from 2017. All Margate I’ve seen looks pretty dark. So I guess my...
  17. danielplainview

    Get Off My Lawn

    There’s been many discussions about making a PipesMag app or changing the website itself. I just want to say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I like this forum setup just fine. Great layout and it works just fine. My vote is to leave good enough alone. The DGCF forum switched over to Crappatalk...
  18. danielplainview

    Another Sav 320 Joins the Family

    I bought yet another 320. They smoke so nice and look pretty darn good too. This time, I bought the regular size. All the rest of my 320’s are EX size.
  19. danielplainview

    Softy Bits: That’s Right, I Use Them

    I finally found a good purpose for softy bits. They’re great for removing stingers and inner tubes without mauling the aluminum.