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  1. jallen49

    Chocolate Manhood

    In the YouTube pipe smoking community (which I am apart of), there exists a user named JoffreTheGiant who, along with a friend, created a blend called "chocolate manhood." He pitched the idea to his tobacconist in the Spartanburg, SC area, and they picked it up. Unless you want to call up Boda...
  2. jallen49

    How do you smoke so much?

    I must admit that I am amazed to hear about you guys that smoke upwards of 5 and 6 bowls per day! The reason being that anytime I attempt to smoke 3 or more bowls a day, no matter what kind of tobacco I smoke or how I smoke it, I just can't seem to get past the dry/leathery tongue and mouth...
  3. jallen49

    Syrian Latakia suggestions?

    Looking to try a Latakia blend with Syrian Latakia in it, but not realty sure where to start. Wondering if someone more experienced in Syrian Latakia could recommend their favorite Syrian blends? Thanks!
  4. jallen49

    In my mouth, there is a problem...

    Does anyone ever get a type of mouth fatigue where the roof of their mouth gets course feeling and rawed? The odd thing is, my tongue for the most part isnt "bitten" or burned, just the roof of my mouth. And I don't think it is from smoking too much, as a rarely smoke more than 3 bowls a day...
  5. jallen49

    Chipping cake!

    Hey guys... Has anyone had the experience of their pipe cake chipping? Better yet, does anyone know what this mean... Is it a sing that I am doing something wrong? Is it even something to be worried about? Thanks in advance
  6. jallen49

    Pipe retort??

    Ok, so, does anyone know where I can purchase one of these pipe retorts for relatively cheap? Or better yet, is it quite difficult to just MAKE one?? Other than reading an article about pipe retorts, this is a relatively new idea to me. Any thoughts???
  7. jallen49

    In need of some HELP: a question about sour pipes

    Lately I have experiencing a problem... One of my main pipes is a Savinelli dublin shaped. Within the last month or so, every time I get to the bottom third or fourth of the pipe bowl, I experience the most dreadful problem, the tobacco turns SOUR! When I say sour, what I really mean is bitter...
  8. jallen49

    CRAPPY local B&M blends

    Am I the only one who is fed up with crappy, generic local blends?? I mean, who smokes all these blends??? It amazes me that at a local tobak shop there can be a dozen local blends and the majority of them are aromatics that all (pretty much) taste and smoke the exact same. I'm guessing that...
  9. jallen49

    Missouri meerschaum cherry wood pipe???

    Hello all... Recently made a trip to a tinderbox where, in the MM corncob basket, I found wooden corncob-like pipes made from cherry wood. I didn't even know this existed, and it's the same price as a regular cob. Does any have any experience with them?? I would quite interested to hear about them.
  10. jallen49

    Turning an unfiltered pipe into a filtered pipe?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to turn an unfiltered pipe into a filtered pipe? I'm wondering because I try to only smoke filtered pipes and the market for filtered pipes is very slim here in the US, meaning it can be hard to find nice filtered pipes. I like to think that filtered pipes are...