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  1. buzkirk

    My 30th pipe

    I started making pipes Jan. 23, 2017, mainly to get the shapes I wanted, without paying top dollar. Now 3 years into this and just completed this for a gentleman in Texas. This was my 1st commissioned pipe where he sent me a pic and said I want something like this. Don't know what to call it...
  2. buzkirk

    Show Off Your TA Allen Pipes

    I really didn't know exactly where to put this, but it seem like a good fit here. There are a few of these out in the wild and could end up in the secondary market. So this would be a good reference for later. I started making pipes Jan 2017, and have made 29 as of this date. I don't see any...
  3. buzkirk

    Making Myself Another Pipe

    Almost done with the shaping on this freehand pipe. It will be my 29th pipe in 3 years. The pipe is based on a design by Alexander Chekanov, nowhere near a copy, just interpretation. The main reason I started making pipes was to have the shapes I could never afford. I need to rework the...
  4. buzkirk

    Which pipe to smoke next ?

    Which one of these would you choose to smoke next and why ? Both are my own work, so no big deal either way.
  5. buzkirk

    Fresh off the Bench Magnum Bulldog

    Its been a while since I posted, I have been making pipes for a year now, still haven't got them perfected, but getting there. This is the last one I did in December, A Magnum Bulldog, 7" long, bowl 1 3/8 x 3/4, flame grain w/ birdseye around bowl, Italian vulcanite stem w/wht and blk acrylic...
  6. buzkirk

    My New Estate Hardcastle

    My newest addition to the rotation a Hardcastle special quality blasted billiard ! This is as close as I'm going to get to a Dunhill, it resembles all those Dunhill shell briars that I keep drooling over. I have identified the flaw that kept it from being a Dunhill, just a slip of the hand...