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  1. mawnansmiff

    RIP Larry Tesler.

    You may not have heard of him, I certainly hadn't but I'm sure you all use his 'invention'. I remember in my early days of computing, circa 2000 having someone trying to explain it to me via instant message. Took me an age to figure it out...
  2. mawnansmiff

    Happy 80th Birthday To Tom & Jerry.

    These original cartoons still have me in stitches just as much now as they did when I was a youngster. I never realised they took so long to make and were so costly. Another thing, I never knew was they were originally called Jasper & Jinx!
  3. mawnansmiff

    Kirk Douglas...RIP At 103

    Breaking news ere so little to report other than the sad fact. i was a huge fan as a kid in the 60's and 70's. Regards, Jay.
  4. mawnansmiff

    4 Versions Of Jack Daniels And One Set Of Brit Tastebuds.

    I would wager if a random 1000 UK adults were asked to name one American Bourbon Whiskey that around 80 - 90% would mention Jack Daniels. Up until about 4 years ago I would have said the same, I now know otherwise. Apparently though fulfilling the criteria for being a Bourbon, it is classed as...
  5. mawnansmiff

    Just Found An American War Hero On My Family Tree!

    Major General Alan Giles Sharp married my 6th cousin Gloria Lillian Steffensen 20 Mar 1951. My connection to Gloria is through her Baker family line that originated in Nottinghamshire, England. Gloria & Alan had four children, all I believe to be still living...
  6. mawnansmiff

    Possible 'Oops' Moment For NASA? Regards, Jay.
  7. mawnansmiff

    RIP Terry Jones Of Monty Python. One of the most hilarious sketch shows ever produced. Regards, Jay.
  8. mawnansmiff

    Could This Substance Be Latakia By Any Chance? Regards, Jay.
  9. mawnansmiff

    White House Query.

    Mods, this is NOT political! I've noticed on watching various Ken Burns documentary dvds and most recently certain current news items that sometimes the White House is shown in the background of the presenter or narrator with its splendid double tier dome yet on other (recent) images there is...
  10. mawnansmiff

    Astonishing Swiss Precision.

    Hi guys, a few might know of my interest in watches, wristwatches & pocket watches (mostly US railroad grade) and my preference has always been watches of the mechanical type, by which I mean they are hand wound or are automatic winders. I have a few quartz watches but I much prefer...
  11. mawnansmiff

    Any Experts On American Fighter Aircraft On The Forum?

    I've been working on my family tree on and off now for twenty years and have an astonishing 74,591 individuals on my tree which is kept on a database designed for the purpose (PAF5). I always knew I had many relatives settle in the US, mostly (but not exclusively) in the Mormon states of Utah...
  12. mawnansmiff

    'Just Testing' Thread.

    Hi guys, didn't we once have a thread specifically for the use of those who wish to try posting images? I'm a little late to the party and the new format has thrown me off balance somewhat but I want to post an image but not sure of the new procedure. Surely it's not as difficult as it used to...
  13. mawnansmiff

    This Would Never Happen To A Pipe Smoker....

    ......pipe smokers wouldn't be so dumb :LOL: Regards, Jay.
  14. mawnansmiff

    I'm Pulling My Hair Out....

    ....after jumping through many hoops to try to reconnect with the forum I see I am getting nowhere. Obviously the forum has changed since I was last here but this is my third effort to get back onboard, my last two got me nowhere. What on earth is going on? are my messages getting through...
  15. mawnansmiff

    Trying to Reconnect....

    ....but having great difficulty as since my last post everything has changed. I tried to log in using my old password yesterday but no joy so had to hit the 'change password' button and then typed in my original password so what gives? The entire website seems to have changed much to my dismay...
  16. mawnansmiff

    Just Checking....

    ...that I'm connecting. Am I getting through? Everything looks so alien compared to my last visit. Regards, Jay.
  17. mawnansmiff

    I Just Wanted To Say..... everyone who kindly sent me a PM in the last few weeks that I have not forgotten you and will respond to each and every one when the time is right. I just need to get away from all things pipesmoking related for a period just so as to help take my mind off the subject as I go through my...
  18. mawnansmiff

    Look At Me Mum, I Can Fly.......

    And we always thought the craziest drivers were American.....not so. Amazing no one was seriously injured. Regards, Jay.
  19. mawnansmiff

    To All Who Posted On My For Sale Thread.

    T'would appear I was writing this reply just as Al closed the thread. I thought it only polite to respond and Al suggested posting my response here so here it is.... Wow chaps, so many kind words that leave me quite flabbergasted. This morning I woke up to a whole bucket load of private...
  20. mawnansmiff

    American Airfields.

    I'm sure many folks would have been proud of the fact that America took full control of military the 1700's!!!! :rofl: Regards, Jay.