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    Canada Post, This Was Too Much!

    I don't post on this forum often though I've been a member for a while. But I had to post this. Last time I listened to the Pipes Magazine podcast Brian was talking about churchwarden pipes. I decided to get one. I traded a few estate pipes for a Ropp Balzac from Smoking pipes and all it costed...
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    Save Tobacco Packaging in Canada

    Hi All, here is an important request to all Canadian members and those with smoking pals here in our part of the continent. Our lovely ministers seems to be pressing forward towards a "healthy" alternative to life and though it seems we cannot stop them, we can at least offer some resistance...
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    Chicago Show 2015

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone is planning on attending the show but hasn't gotten a room yet (or wants to save by splitting one). I have a double room booked as that was all that was available for my time frame. I'll be there from Wednesday night until checkout Monday morning...
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    New Pipe for Christmas

    Butz Choquin Fait Main Maitre Pipier I've wanted one of these perfect swan neck pipes for a long time. Finally found one at Briar Blues.
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    Newest Pipes

    Peterson Silver Cap 03 Chacom Grand Cru - Made by Pierre Morrel in the 80's I have yet to smoke the silver cap but the Chacom is great. Thanks for looking!
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    New Pipe

    If anyone remembers the Dunhill I scored on a recent trip to Victoria, this is what I traded it for at SP. I haven't begun the break in process yet but hope to tonight. It's a L'anatra Lovat. I had the urge to break in a new pipe and get to know it from the beginning, and this one was too good...
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    Another Antique Store Find

    Great find in an antique shop in New Westminster, BC. Parker group 4 lovat and sealed 6 oz tin of Irish Mead that looks to be from the '70s. Both for a steal.
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    Antique Store Finds

    Found these three in an antique store in Victoria, BC, this morning. $40 for the three of them. I'm thinking of trading the dunhill for a lovat from dunhill or a similar company.
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    For Long Time Pipe Smokers

    I just had a bowl in a pipe I'm breaking in when I noticed significant char around the rim. Not just color, the edge lost material. This was the first pipe with a sharp edge I've gotten new. I'm careful with lighting but the flame always licks the edge. I'm wondering, do these sharp edges ever...
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    Two Pictures

    Foggy's beautiful creations have inspired me to share a couple sketches of mine. Hope you enjoy. This one was for a book though it didn't get in. It's inspired by the thinking man. I'm a Peterson nut! This was for an application for a program at school. Thanks for looking and thank you Foggy...
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    In my opinion lovats are the perfect shape for a pipe. Besides these and the bigger bent pipes I call my "house pipes" I can't imagine buying anything else. Butz Choquin, new old stock from my local tobacconist. Peterson Killarny, I took the varnish off because it smoked hot. I've noticed...
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    Ben Wade

    Does anyone know when Ben Wade stopped stamping their pipes with an oval and how to date one beyond Leeds or London eras?
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    Tobacco Police

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    Gourd Calabash

    I just bought a gourd that is missing the bowl insert and would really like to find a meerschaum one. Does anyone have an insert from a broken pipe or something or know of a reputable dealer?
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    Vancouver Pipe Club

    Is anyone going to the Vancouver Pipe Club meeting this month? I have yet to visit because I've been busy since moving here but would like to go this month.
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    New Pipe Tool

    Just found one of these at the Vancouver Flea Market and got it for $20. There was no case with it though.
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    Charatan Estate Pipe

    I just bought a Pre-Lane Charatan and am thinking about selling it. I was just wondering what something like this would go for. Are there any big time Charatan collectors that would have an idea about the monetary value? The nomenclature reads Charatan's Make London, England DE LUXE and the...
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    English Flakes

    Can anyone recommend a good English flake?
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    For new smokers

    First, I would like to say that there are a lot of great videos and articles on this site that everyone should check out if they have not already. Second, here are 2 videos from the tobacconist I frequented when I first started the pipe until I moved away from home:
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    New Pipe - End to Summer PAD

    Peterson Dalkey B11 My first sitter! I cannot wait to see how it smokes!