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  1. rhoadsie

    If Someone Was New Or...

    If some one was new or wasn't sure what they were doing, they come here posting questions. Over the years the same questions keep arising, could we have sticky posts covering these subjects? This could apply to a wide range of subjects from packing techniques, cadence and smoking techniques...
  2. rhoadsie

    Moldy Bread = Moldy Tobacco

    Interesting read (Click Here) about food items contaminated with mold. Food for thought when tobacco in a tin or jar is contaminated with mold. :puffpipe:
  3. rhoadsie

    Parafilm To Seal Tins

    I posted this on another thread but thought maybe it might a warrant a thread on its own. I use Parafilm (click here) to wrap tins and provide another layer in case the original tin seal fails. The 4" wide Parafilm can be cut to about an inch and wrapped around the tin. The self-adherent...
  4. rhoadsie

    What would you like to try?

    I have more blessings than I can count. I would like to pass on a bit of these blessings to folks here on the forum this holiday season. To the first five respondents I will send a tin or pouch of the blend of their choice (shipping included). This is an opportunity for folks to try something...
  5. rhoadsie

    Black Frigate @ SP

    In stock
  6. rhoadsie

    FDA Post-2007 Pipe Tobacco List

    Has anyone put together a list of blends released after the Feb 2007 date? If the SHTF, I don't want to wish I had tried or bought more of something. HH Old Darkfired HH Latakia Flake HH Vintage Syrian HH Bold Kentucky HH Acadian Perique McClelland's Red and Black McClelland's Three Oaks...
  7. rhoadsie

    FYI-Motzek Strang Available

    In case you thought it was gone forever...
  8. rhoadsie

    Contemplating First Pipe of 2016

    This pipe has caught my eye. I would appreciate your thoughts on the pipe as well as the artisan, Jerry Zenn. Thanks folks! More pics...
  9. rhoadsie

    Just in case -- More holiday parties

    Although this is holiday targeted, probably useful anytime...
  10. rhoadsie

    Pipe Tobacco Ban Soon!

    I don't know when this will take effect but perhaps we need to quickly cellar. We can organize group buys so that no one is left out and all can join in the frenzy. Let's start multiple threads with buy ins and posts ad nauseam. Ready...go!
  11. rhoadsie

    Which Overseas OTC Plug/Flake?

    What are the preferences for Condor plug or flake versus Warrior plug versus St. Bruno flake? The usual suspects...taste, flavoring, strength. Much appreciated.
  12. rhoadsie

    If I Were Trump...

    Forget the presidency, I'd acquire J.F. Germain & Sons so I had unlimited Penzance and Stonehaven. I'd smoke it, roll in it, supply it to this forum. Okay, just kidding (maybe). But seriously, I would build a cellar of Peck-like proportions. I would have all the blends I currently love plus a...
  13. rhoadsie

    My Wife Is An Enabler

    So I'm watching the kids while my wife does some shopping at Big Lots for their 20% off weekend sale. BTW, its a good opportunity to save some cash on kitchen staples and canned goods. Anyway, she shoots me a text; do I need any mason jars, they have widemouth quart and jelly jars? (she knows...
  14. rhoadsie

    Hope for Future Syrian Latakia? I wonder if they've some seeds squirreled away?
  15. rhoadsie

    Aging Tobacco

    How is tobacco aged before tinning? We buy tins to age and presumably improve it but that same tobacco may have been aged for years? Is it aged in a different environment than the tin? Are we really aging to mellow "casing" or some preservative? Is this similar to cigars where sitting in a...
  16. rhoadsie

    McCelland Red & Black

    What is your take on this "blend"? I really like McCelland VAs but does it differ from their others like #25?
  17. rhoadsie

    Tobacco Cellar Smells Like Tobacco

    I don't know if I should be expecting a few "duhs" but the room where I cellar my tobacco has a tobacco odor. I like it but if the tins are "sealed", technically there shouldn't be a tobacco odor, correct? I have a mix of tin types and on the order of ~40 lbs cellared. Every european tin I pick...
  18. rhoadsie

    Is it a good smoker?

    Hi all, I'm a relatively new pipe smoker as well as an occasional lurker trying to gain some gems from all the knowledgeable folks here. I've learned a lot so far. I was enjoying a smoke the other evening and during some reflection started to wonder what makes a pipe a good smoker. So, HOW do...