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  1. jkrug

    Calling All Canadians!!

    The Canadian Box Pass is about to make another lap around the country very soon. If you are interested in joining in the pass, and we hope you are, check out the rules posted in the Canadian Box Pass Round 3 thread. If you meet the criteria shoot me a pm with your particulars and I will get you...
  2. jkrug

    A1 Service @

    I know this is not the first time a thread has ever been started about the great customer service from and it probably won't be the last one either. :-)
  3. jkrug

    Clickklick Lovat - Pipe #15 Review

    The Pipe Some time back, right around the time that Adam showed us his pipe #9 I contacted him about having a pipe commissioned. Adam and I discussed what I was looking for, a Lovat, and after a few PM's back and forth he ball was rolling. Adam explained to me the challenges of making the Lovat...
  4. jkrug

    C&D Sweet English

    Has anybody given this blend a try? I'm looking to capitalize on's 20% off C&D bulk sale and the description of this one intrigues me. I will probably order a couple ounces to try before going with a larger order but am curious to here from my fellow pipers on this one. What say yee? :puffy:
  5. jkrug

    BriarWorks PAD

    So there I was browsing when I see that BriarWorks has a new line of pipes out...the Classic. Started snooping around a little more and this little Rhodesian caught my eye. I've been wanting to add a Rhodesian to the rack and when I saw how reasonably priced this one was I threw it in the...
  6. jkrug

    New Ropp Vintage Briar Bulldog

    Well I once again gave in to the urge to buy one of these sweet little vintage pipes. This one is a Ropp Vintage Briar Bulldog with a horn stem. It is a very nice looking pipe with nice grain and no fills that I can see. The horn stem has great contrasting colour striations and has a slender...
  7. jkrug

    Canadian Box Pass Round 3

    Okay folks, here's my proposal to revive the Canadian Box Pass. I'm willing to do the leg work on this myself and get it going again if the potential participants are okay with me driving the bus. I've been an active member for several months now and meet all the required criteria to join the...
  8. jkrug

    May PAD

    I ended up with 5 new pipes in May, four that I bought myself and 1 that my three daughters bought me for my 50th birthday. I also bought a pipe for my wife as she has been sitting and smoking with me a bit more lately. Group photo. Bruyere St Claude Extra Acorn. Great little pipe. Has a tiny...
  9. jkrug

    Photobucket Help??

    Hoping for help from a Photobucket expert. I just downloaded some photos to photobucket so that I could post them here on the forum. For some reason I cannot manage my photos anymore. Can't copy them to post here or delete old photos. When I move my cursor over the IMG code, or the other...
  10. jkrug

    No More Pipes Till May.....

    No more pipes till more pipes till more pipes till May!!! Or so I keep telling myself anyway. I'm trying to get my PAD under control or at least suppress it for a little while. I've bought 11 pipes since January 1st, and received 2 for Christmas also. I keep saying this one...
  11. jkrug

    GLP JackKnife Plug

    This is more of my experience with this tobacco than a true full on review. This tin was recently ordered and new to me and the packaging date on the bottom of the tin is October 27, 2015. This is my first time preparing and smoking a plug tobacco. Upon opening the tin I found the aroma to be...
  12. jkrug

    My New Pipe Cabinet

    I've been dabbling in pipe smoking on and off since the early 1980s. The last year or so I have gotten back into pipes with great enthusiasm. Accumulating several pipes, racks, tobacco and the myriad of goodies that goes along with the hobby. The top and bottom shelves of the end table next to...
  13. jkrug

    Paul,s Pipe Shop - Flint Michigan

    My wife and I went for a little Valentine's Day get away to Lake Orion Michigan a couple weekends ago. We live in Amherstburg Ontario, just across the border from Detroit so this was nice and close. I've been working crazy hours since Christmas so we haven't had a lot of time to spend together...
  14. jkrug

    GLP Quiet Nights

    Opened a tin dated 10/22/14 a couple weeks ago and I've been trying to become friends with it ever since. So far I haven't had much luck enjoying it. I will say that it's one of my first attempts at a "stronger" tobacco and I anticipated needing a few bowls to get used to it. It is also my...