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  1. johnnyrebel

    Tarred and Feathered! (Cleaning & Polishing) Pipe Rim.

    So this weekend i picked up some quite fancy estate pipes, and they have substantial amounts of carbon on the rims. It seems like when i go ahead with cleaning the rim(the classic spit shine method), i find that the rim is usually rather dull. To my actual question now, i was wondering if the...
  2. johnnyrebel

    Opened Tin?

    Last night i had just picked up a tin for my birthday, as a treat. For those wondering i picked up a tin of some Dunhill's Nightcap. The B&M just got in a bunch of dunhill and peterson, all of which has my mouth watering to try! Anyhow, when i get in and im sitting down with my brother to have a...
  3. johnnyrebel

    Restoration: Metal Screw-in Tenon.

    So i recently aquired a LHS bulldog, and im having trouble with the tenon. As the title suggest, its a metal screw in tenon. The problem im having is when i try to unscrew the tenon,(which is obviously stuck, when aren't they?)The metal mortise is loose and turns with the tenon and stem. So i...
  4. johnnyrebel

    Tooth Pulled/ How long to wait before pipe?

    So recently i had some dental work done and had my tooth pulled. I was curious how long you guys wait before picking up the pipe again. I was thinking about waiting a couple of weeks. I have no need to smoke of course, but i do miss having an evening pipe and would really be great right about...
  5. johnnyrebel

    Any tips?

    Hey Guys, as you know i've been smoking a pipe for about a year and a half and i keep having issues with bite, regardless of the blend i have the same issue and can't seem to resolve it. The problem im having is when i have a pipe the first 1/4 of the pipe is excellent and everything that i...
  6. johnnyrebel

    Cured Tobacco.

    Recently my parents were in Kentucky, and while up there they happened upon some tobacco leaf. My mother is an herbalist and picked it up curious about its medicinal properties. I've gotten a bit of it and was wondering if you can smoke this? Its bone dry, so im wondering if i should go about...
  7. johnnyrebel

    Unmarked Freehand. (Picture heavy)

    I recently have come across this freehand pipe, and i was wondering if any of you could point me in the direction of any information about it or just your general thoughts on the pipe, an appropriate price, general observations, etc. I know its a longshot with just some crummy pictures, but...
  8. johnnyrebel

    Pocket Bulldog Pipe.

    I was recently going through Lonestar's post of the antique pipes, and the pocket pipes caught my eye. I was wondering if anyone has ever come accross a bulldog pocket pipe. I've looked up pocket pipes but i've only come across that one design im sure you all are familiar with, along with an...
  9. johnnyrebel

    English Blend Aroma/ Flavor.

    I've not been smoking very long, so my question may be a bit amateur. I've noticed an aroma and flavor that seems to be common among a few of my English blends, its a musky type of smell and carries a bit into the flavor of the smoke. I was wondering if this smell is the aroma and taste of the...
  10. johnnyrebel

    Group's Forum Post Q's

    I've been trying to make a posting in a group's forum, but i keep recieving an error. It doesn't specify the error, just that their is one. Anybody here encounter this issue as well? Thanks.
  11. johnnyrebel

    Tobacco Moisture.

    Recently i just tried to add some moisture to my tobacco, and i did the pinch test and it should be about right. The problem is now that i've added the moisture, it seems to bite me even worse than before? I've done this before where i've tried to change the moisture level for the better, and it...
  12. johnnyrebel

    Cob Maintenance

    Theirs always a few good topics on cleaning briar and meerschaum pipes. After getting my hands on a corn cob pipe, i was intrested if their was different methods to keeping them clean and healthy. I checked through the forums and i couldn't find much maintenance of them. Look forward to see what...
  13. johnnyrebel

    Traditional Pipe Shape History.

    Its a question thats been on my mind for awhile and i've had no luck finding any answers. I was wondering if anybody knew the orgins of the tradional pipe shapes that we know now?
  14. johnnyrebel

    Bowl Sanding Qs.

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about sanding a bowl down and i was curious about a little bit of advice for that. Im thinking about going at it with some 150grain, though i have some stronger paper. Are thier some things i need to look out for when im doing this? Possible ways to damage the bowl...
  15. johnnyrebel

    Bertram Pipes.

    I was wondering if any of you guys have heard of these? They were produced out by Washington DC. Wanted to know if you guys have smoked one or have some information about them..cause i can't find anything about it. Thanks. Also, any thoughts on Yello-Bole?
  16. johnnyrebel

    First Purchase/ Dr.Grabow.

    So I was at the local Antique Mall, and happend upon this pipe. Their was a little cup with a few old pipes for 5 dollars, I saw the tip of this bulldog hanging out and thought i would have a look. In the past couple days i've been thinking about getting one. This Dr.Grabow exactly to be honest...
  17. johnnyrebel

    Smoking correctly?

    I've been coming to the forums for awhile now, theirs a great wealth of information here and lots to read. Though i wanted to register and ask a question. I dont have much input on the board, as i just started to smoke just recently. I had a question about smoking, and weather i was doing it...