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  1. K

    Mold prevention for homemade blends.

    What are some methods employed for mold prevention? I am thinking of preparing a homemade blend. Apparently Motzek use salt for that purpose. What are other ways I could approach this?
  2. K

    Some Exotics From Germany

    I was looking to try some of the German blends which are not sold in America, couple of forum members were nice enough to send me some samples. Boy, did customs give me a headache. It took them 2 weeks to figure out whether tobacco contained illegal compounds or not. Cocaine from America would...
  3. K

    Virginias in ODF

    Are the Virginias in ODF red or yellow? I am interested in replicating the taste in a homemade blend and could not quite put my hand on what Virginias they used there.
  4. K

    A pipe from shikano53

    A while back Shikano53 sent me one of the pipes he made as a gift, today, I got my hands on it, at last. It's a very handsome sitter, with unfinished, medium sized bowl and a vulcanite stem. It just happened to be built to my specifications. Filled it with some ODF, this one is going to be for...
  5. K

    Royal Cajun Ebony

    I've been smoking McClelland's RCE for last couple weeks, this thing has grown on me. I expected it to be a bit of a gimmick because of it's unusual component, but god damn, does it taste good. Anyone else tried some other blends containing Royal Cajun leaf?
  6. K

    Taming the War Horse

    Lately I've been smoking my War Horse Red. It's been one of the hardest tobacco I've had to figure out so hard. I usually don't bother with smoking blends I do not enjoy right off the bat, but this one I took personally, it did cost me some good money, after all. I tried cutting it into thicker...
  7. K

    Cheap, Vulcanite Stemmed, Wide Airway-ed pipe

    Are there any pipes that offers a loose draw while costing around 50$? 70 at most. Something with a Vulcanite stem preferably.
  8. K

    Formatting Private Messages

    How does one make it so that private messages don't look like a horrible jumble of text? I can't figure out how to place a paragraph.
  9. K

    Pipe Shops in Milan, Budapest, Istanbul

    My friend is going to take a trip through Europe in the nearest future, I was hoping to ask her to buy me some pouches of local tobacco. Anybody know of pipe tobacco stores in those cities?
  10. K


    Has anybody here ever smoked? I've always been curious about what sort of tobacco leaf it is. For those who do not know, Kizami is finely cut Japanese tobacco they put in their pipes(Kiseru).
  11. K

    Baki Pipes

    I've been looking at Baki Pipes for a while now, but can not find any contacts of him anywhere. I live near Turkey so it's far more practical for me to get in touch with him and order the pipe directly, Does anybody have an E-mail?
  12. K

    Samuel Gawith 250g boxes for 25.58$ (Including FVF) Apparently PAL is having quite a sale.
  13. K

    Best Budget Butane Lighter

    I am looking for a more or less reliable pipe lighter, my only demands for it to be under 20$ and to work on butane. No bics, no lighter fluid. Anybody have a suggestion?
  14. K

    Earth, Grass, Molasses and Citrus

    How does one learn tasting all the fruits and foods in their tobacco? And even more perplexing to me, earth and grass. Do reviews taste earth for reference and then compare tobacco to it?
  15. K

    Similarity of Stonehaven, Oriental Silk, and Cuban Mixture.

    I recently got my hands on a dried out, year old sample of Oriental Silk. Lit it up and got the same note that I get from Stonehaven and Cuban Mixture, I have no idea what it is. They seem to be different in composition too so I am blaming a topping/casing, any ideas?
  16. K

    A sample pack I received today

    I stroke up a deal with a forum member(shall not be named unless he expresses desire) a while back, for him to send me some samples in return for a tin I'd send him. I ended up with more than I bargained for, there is quite clearly a bit more than a tins worth there. One of the most exciting...
  17. K

    SG Brown No. 4 VS GH Brown Bogie

    I enjoy strong tobaccos and ropes the most, Brown Bogie being one of my favorites. I am considering getting myself a box of Brown No. 4 with IPSD coming up, How does it compare to Brown Bogie?
  18. K

    Pipe Identification

    I found some guy selling a bunch of pipes on a local online market, Only identification he provided were the pictures and the brand names. I'd like to know what are the models of these pipes. Camiletto Georg Jensen Ceppo Charatan Ascorti
  19. K

    Herzegovina Flor

    Has anybody tried this variety of leaf? It comes from Java originally, and was later grown in Bosnia. They produced cigarettes with it, which Stalin famously crushed and packed in his pipe. Apparently it must be quite strong. There are a few online auctions in Ukraine and Russian that have...
  20. K

    P&C 2017 Discount Calendar

    This is the schedule of discounts for 2017 for for 2017. There quite a few good deals there. Courtesy of Levin0, from reddit.