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  1. J

    Arlington, TX

    I just arrived this am. Wanted to ask if there are any well stocked B&M does in the area I can visit in the next day or two. Though I'd packed more than I did. Thanks Bob
  2. J

    P.H. Curly Log

    I really like this tobacco. I tried half a log six months ago, and I'm almost out. I've looked around (US) and I've only found smoking pipes that says they carry it, but haven had in stock all year. Can anyone tell me another on line shop that usually carries this specific tobacco? Thanks Bob
  3. J

    Plateau top pipe

    I know room darkening happens, I'm trying to minimize it. I work with grain alcohol on my smooth rimmed pipes, but I haven't found anything to get the black off my old antiqurai or shilling, any suggestions? Thanks Bob
  4. J

    Boys room

    Ok, picking back up pipe smoking motivated me to finish a room in the basement. Nothing fancy, but will have comfortable seating, nice flat screen, and some sort of furniture to store pipes and tobacco. My concern is smoke and odor, from my pipe. No windows, ceiling fan, what I'm asking about...
  5. J


    I've been smoking my six or seven Gawith & hoggrath blends in a 25 year old small Savinelli that's about worn out. I have a lesser used meerschaum, but was concerned the blends might "ghost" the pipe. I had thought through reading that this type of pipe wouldn't. Thought I'd check with the...
  6. J

    Virginia/ Oriental

    Looking for some help on this. Found several Va/ Per I enjoy. Is like to get some suggestions on a virgins forward oriental mix. I've tried Sam's flake and was not an immediate fam. Thanks Bob
  7. J

    New smoker middle of NC

    Love the hobby, but my friends don't seem to. I know there is TAPS outside of Raleigh, was wonder if anyone one of another cloud in the middle of the state? Im 90 minuets from Raleigh and about the distance from Charlotte. Let me know if there is one in the central part, I'm outside of...
  8. J

    24 Mature Virgina

    This is first, and hopefully not last review. The issue I have is I lack an ability to translate the taste from a tobacco to words that really describe the essence of what I'm smoking. The tin was gifted to me from the manager at the B&M establishment I frequent. I know there is no more around...
  9. J

    Breaking in a Pipe

    Hello I have a handful of pipes. All are from a couple of decades ago when I use to smoke a pipe on a infrequent, but regular basis. So I think all are broken in. My question is I bought my first new pipe (Ashton xxx brindle) in over 20 years, and I would like to know how you can tell when you...
  10. J

    Best Brown - Golden Glow

    I wanted to get your thoughts and tastes on the above. The only Gawith blends I have tried are FVF and St James Flake. I like the FVF enough to start my cellar with it. I know these are not easy to find as they are pretty popular. So before I start to hunt, thought I would ask some folks that...
  11. J

    Pipe Room

    I was not sure which forum this belonged in so if MODS need to move no worries. (this one seems to get a large amount of traffic) I have lived in my house for 20 years, I have had thoughts of a "boys room" or a "man cave", but never took the plunge. Now that I am back into pipe smoking after a...
  12. J

    Gawith's Cabbie Mixture

    Hello Need some help on this. i am looking at the components and it seems to be a close kin to SJF. Can those that have smoked both please let me know what the differences are between the two? I enjoy Dunhill Navy rolls, a bit more than Escudo. I enjoy Heinrich's Curly block, more than the one...
  13. J

    Mississippi River special

    Hello I'm newer top pipe smoking and wanted to expand my horizons a bit. I was able to find early morning pipe and my mixture from dunhill in bulk. Like them both, then someone at the pipe store suggested this blend. I thoroughly enjoy it, I've purchased a few extra tins to cellar. I was told it...
  14. J


    Hello Just tried this over the weekend, love it. Now I want to get some to the cellar. My question is if I go for the "Pound of loose" and use mason jars with a good seal, would this do as well as buying the 3.5 oz tins? Pound of loose seems be a better buy. I don't have much in the cellar but...
  15. J

    Tin vs Jar

    New member here When I find tobacco I like, and wish to buy more to cellar, will tin tobacco age better, or differently than the same tobacco done correctly in a mason jar? It tends to cheaper to buy 8ozs is Escoterica bags to jar, or Gawith and hoggrath blends in bulk. Thanks Bob
  16. J

    Just Joined, Wanted to into Myself

    I'm back on the pipe! Started again this fall, it's been about 15 years since I stopped. No good reason at the time, but I'm glad I'm back. Bug had hit me bad, severall new pipes, and a truly an unimaginable amount of tobacco purchases, at least to me. I'm looking to learn more about the hobby...