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  1. tinsel

    That Time of Year Again

    ... the time of year when the Dark Fired crop here in west Ky is being harvested and cured. The smell of hickory smoke from the tobacco barn fires lingers in the air everywhere you go. Should be a lot of good leaf coming out of the barns this year. We had a great growing season. Plenty of...
  2. tinsel

    Helping a Friend, Finally Tried Lane 1Q

    Hey guys. Been a while since I posted. Life's been busy, and I've been comfortably settled in to smoking the same 3 blends for well over a year now, with no real desire to try anything new or different. A close friend (who I don't spend near enough time with) lost his father a few weeks ago to...
  3. tinsel

    $40 Rossi

    Someone in another thread posted a link to this Rossi Author on SP. I've always liked the look of this shape and wanted one for my collection. At $40 it seemed like a steal. I went ahead and bought it and have had it for about 5 days now. I figured out really quickly that the large bowl...
  4. tinsel

    An Unpopular Opinion?

    Doesn't anyone else feel like Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture is the exactly the same as Royal Yacht without the topping? I know they are both Dunhill virginia blends, but I just can't escape feeling like they are the exact same blend, one with a topping and one without.
  5. tinsel

    Breaking a Rut?

    I've found myself falling into a pretty nasty rut over the last 6 months or so. I have forsaken my cellar and find myself just smoking the same 2 blends day in, day out. I've always had an "all day" blend for work, but in the evenings I generally switched things up a lot. Lately I find...
  6. tinsel

    G.L. Pease's "Montgomery" Review

    Hello Pipers. Picked up a tin of GL Pease's Montgomery in my last order. Here's a quick review. This is a ribbon cut blend of several Virginias and Ky Dark Fired. Moisture content is good, smokeable straight from the tin if you don't mind a few relights. Ribbons are long and stringy, very...
  7. tinsel

    Using Gun Cloth on Briar

    Hello pipers. I just finished doing a regular wipe down of all the guns in the safe with a gun cloth. Got me wondering if maybe the briar pipes on the rack could benefit from a wipe down as well. I usually just give my briar pipes a nose oil buffing with my t-shirt whenever I'm smoking them...
  8. tinsel

    First Grabow, a Short Review

    So I've been a "daily pipe smoker" for a little over a year now and have amassed a collection of around 30 pipes at this point. I've got a wide array of MM cobs, 2 meerschaums, and briars in all shapes and sizes ranging from basket pipes up to artisan pipes. Yesterday I got my very first Dr...
  9. tinsel

    Luxury Navy Flake Price Hike

    Anybody else notice that the price on the 1.5 lb box of luxury navy flake has gone up like $10 at P&C? It's time for me to re-stock and the price caught me by surprise. I checked and they still have the 1.5 lb box for $47, which is what they used to cost at P&C as well. Anybody...
  10. tinsel

    Opening Up an Acrylic Stem

    I picked up a pair of Chacom pipes with acrylic stems recently. I'm finding that the draw is a little too tight for my liking and since I tend to smoke a little faster and hotter than I probably should, I'm getting some gurgle issues. I've opened up the draw on vulcanite stems before with a...
  11. tinsel

    Pics of Pipe Being Carved

    Stumbled across this and thought I would share it. Pictures of a pipe being carved with Moses's Face (according to the carver).
  12. tinsel

    It Looks Like Sherlock Holmes' Pipe!

    This is a phrase I am sick to the gills of hearing. It doesn't matter what pipe I carry with me on an outing, it could be a MM country gent, a straight billiard, my Sav 626, my Machelli Poker, my Bjarne Viking plateau top freehand ... whatever. Inevitably, someone will declare "that looks just...
  13. tinsel

    Looking for Tony/Anthony Machelli

    About 6 months ago I bought a VERY lightly used Anthony Machelli Poker on ebay. It appeared to have only been smoked once, barely halfway down the bowl. The bottom half of the bowl was absolutely bare briar which appeared to have never had any heat applied to it at all. The bottom of the pipe...
  14. tinsel

    CBW, Not That Bad

    About a year ago when I gave up cigs and switched to full time pipe smoking, I picked up a pouch of Capt Black (white). At the time, it simply didn't have enough nicotine to satiate my addiction, and other blends which I enjoyed more also carried more of the drug my body craved, causing me to...
  15. tinsel

    Dark Fired Harvest

    It's that time of year again in West Ky, gentlemen. The first of the early planted Dark Fired tobacco has been cut, spiked, and is currently being fired. All across Calloway County, there are smoke signals towering from tobacco barns as farmers begin the process of curing the revered tobacco...
  16. tinsel

    Should I be stockpiling Dunhill Flake??

    I was getting ready to start putting together this month's order, and I've been trying to focus on buying up tins of tobacco that may not be around once the FDA deeming stuff kicks in. I usually go to and look to see if there are any reviews older than 2007 to determine if a...
  17. tinsel

    Post-Coitus Smoke?

    Ok, I know this is a weird question and I hope I'm not violating any guidelines ... but we're all adults here, right? What is your post coitus blend of choice? I've been experimenting and can't seem to find the one that fits that particular situation, but just wind up staring at my tobacco for...
  18. tinsel

    OGS 50g VS 100g

    Good evening, Gentlemen. Getting ready to put in my monthly order which always includes at least 2 100g tins of Orlik Golden Sliced (I smoke at least a bowl a day of it ... usually more) It occurred to me that I have never bought one of the 50g tins of this tobacco. I know that the 50g tins...
  19. tinsel

    Smoking Grass

    I'm on a quest to find the grassiest straight VA flake on the planet. I've come to realize that the straight Va's I love the most are the ones with the most grass/hay notes or the ones with a lot of citrus notes. What say you, pipe community? What's the grassiest tasting straight Va you ever...
  20. tinsel

    Will Fire Storm Age Well?

    Hello everyone. I got a tin of Russ's fire storm recently and I'm madly in love with it. It's absolutely amazing. It appears to be a fairly new blend, with review only dating back to last year. Considering the new FDA nonsense, I'm afraid it will be discontinued in the near future. I'm...