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  1. jayh

    Rough Cut Tobaccos (Packing/Burning)

    I've got a few blends that are much more coarse and varied than what I've smoked in the past. Namely MC5110, but also Westminster to a degree. Great smokes, but I have the hardest time packing them in a way that burns evenly down the bowl, and keeping them lit. They also don't tamp as well as...
  2. jayh

    First Stanwell

    I've been wanting to get another couple of pipes just like my Sara Eltang. A little blasted billiard with a saddle mouthpiece that are right around 5.25". I couldnt find any Eltangs, but I did stumble across the Stanwell 54 in the Vario finish. The dimensions on paper are about as identical...
  3. jayh

    young tigers have sharp teeth

    I seem have all kinds of needle-point sized wear on the stems of most of my pipes. I dont like the big rubber bits, and I'm not clenching with any excessive force. I was kind of checking out my teeth the other day and noticed that my teeth have some pretty sharp points. These arent giant...
  4. jayh


    Wanted to put this in the Lighters thread but it would have been a hi-jack. I started using matches a few weeks ago and it's been an amazing discovery for me. I was without a lighter and I found a free pack I got with the cigars I bought for a recent wedding. I was a fish to water, no...
  5. jayh

    Holy Cow I lost my Junior Member Status!!!

    I'm officially a "Member" now! If there were any locals I'd say it's an excuse to meet up sometime. In place I will just say thanks to everyone for being very welcoming. In general the pipe community is very nice, but this forum has been great from the start. No newjack status to overcome...
  6. jayh

    Tobacco Varietals and Nicotine Content

    Hey guys, probably a well covered topic, but I just wasn't able to find any consolidated list. How do the different varietals or preparations vary in nicotine? Ive never smoked cigarettes, and I think in general I just have a lower tolerance being newer to pipe smoking. So could anyone help...
  7. jayh

    Relights A.K.A Revisits

    How long is it possible to put a pipe down for? I was just wondering as a new guy, how long people will wait between relights. Some times I just have something come up and can't finish a bowl but I'm not done and there is plenty of smoke left. Can you wait 1, 3, 10 hours? When dontou just...
  8. jayh

    The Story Of My eBay Dunhill\'s -- Chapter 1

    Once upon on a time I came across two very nice looking Dunhill pipes on the world wide market place, eBay. One a group 2, 2111 canadian in "county" finish. The other a group 3 Bruyere 83. The petite nature of the 2111 displayed a light and friendly demeanor. While the Cumberland bit, and...
  9. jayh

    English Blends -- BLOWN UP

    Hey everyone, forgive my first post and thread likely being in the wrong forum, but I'm hoping it's location helps my cause. Im a younger guy 26, not very big at 150lbs and never smoked any tobacco prior to grabbing some pipes a few years ago. I smoked them for a few months and due to being...