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  1. tarak


    Hi all, After two years of not touching a pipe, I have decided to officially "hang up my hat" with this hobby. Nothing terrible or anything, I was quite fond of it. I found between a busy career, grad school, and two little kids I was never touching a pipe. And likely for years to come- it will...
  2. tarak

    Adding Latakia And Oriental To Anni Kake

    Hi all. I have about 1.5 pounds of H&H Anni Kake in the cellar. I like it, so I recently acquired another 1.5 pounds to put up. I usually do this by dividing into 2oz Mason jars. Recently I've fallen in love with Frog Morton On The Town and it's peaked my interest in sweeter Virginia forward...
  3. tarak

    New PAD- Sav Apple

    Savinelli? Light stained apple? Yup. Done.
  4. tarak

    Do you have a "Hedge Tobacco"?

    Do you have a particular tobacco that you are stocking up in case of outrageous inflation or smoking laws? Mine is H&H Anniversary Kake. I do like it, but mostly I've piled some up because it's affordable and they have the buy 2 get 1 free sales. I have about 2 pounds laid up, that's a lot for...
  5. tarak

    Recommend A Blend- Similar To FM On The Town

    As you can see in my other post, I've had a sudden revelation that perhaps I like some light oriental blends. While I'm primarily a Virginia or VaPer smoker, as the cooler fall weather hits I enjoy some light Latakia blends, such as Frog Morton's Cellar or some of the GL Pease blends...
  6. tarak

    Could I Be An Oriental Fan? After All This Time?

    For my entire piping life (5 or so years) I've avoided Oriental tobaccos very purposefully. I smoked EMP once, which I believe has oriental, hated the experience, and never revisited. I've slowly built a modest cellar full of quality Virginias, VaPers, and Latakia blends which are gaining...
  7. tarak

    Free Boubon? Sure!

    This week one of my staff near retirement age found me and said "you like that scotch whiskey right? We just bought a new house and someone left a full bottle, I'll give it to you." The next day she brought me a sealed, unopened bottle of Bookers - a cask strength bourbon worth about $55. Yes...
  8. tarak

    Haddo's Pronunciation

    Someone help me out: Is GL Pease Haddo's Delight properly pronounced "HayDohs" or "HaDohs"? "Ay" as in "Hay" or "A" as in "Hat"? I've always said "Hay-Dohs" but recently was told I may be wrong.
  9. tarak

    Proposition To Restrict All New Esoterica Threads

    I would like to bring to the attention of the floor and Speaker a proposition to ban the creation of any new Esoterica threads, particularly Stonehaven and Penzance related, for 6 months. I bring this to you as this horse has been well beaten and there are many related threads to read already...
  10. tarak

    Orange Virginia?

    I've noticed by far my favorite tobaccos are some of the McClellands- particularly CC. I've been realizing that McCelland is the only company I've noticed describing blends being composed of orange or orange-red tobaccos. Hands down, these are amazing blends to me. So, what are Orange...
  11. tarak

    What McClelland Bulk Is Most Like Christmas Cheer?

    I love any and all Christmas Cheers. I just ordered 3 tins of the 2015. Which bulk McClelland offering do you folks think is most like CC? I fully understand that CC is a matured, aged, special offering, so I don't expect a bulk to be the same, but just wondering what bulk might approach the...
  12. tarak

    First Try of Dark Star

    I've largely avoided McClelland Dark Star due to the horror stories I hear of prepping it. I've had some aging for a couple years, but a friend sent me some 2014 stuff to try so, why not. I actually let the flakes dry for nearly 3 hours while I mowed the lawn and put the kids to bed. Then I hit...
  13. tarak

    Christmas Cheer Appearance?

    When does Christmas Cheer hit the shelves? My wife knows I'll order, I'm itching for a TAD :D
  14. tarak

    Risk It On Another Stanwell?

    Recently I posted that I have a beautiful Stanwell Golden Danish that has been a total dud of a smoker.... I've run across another Golden Danish, and estate, and I'm thinking about giving the series a second chance. Would y'all risk it? Think my pipe is the "exception not the rule"?
  15. tarak

    Stanwell Golden Danish Problems

    Hi all. A couple years ago I bought a Stanwell Golden Danish 141- and extremely classic looking straight brandy shape. It was an estate in fantastic condition, stem looked untouched, the bowl had a light amount of cake. Still had a high polish. I gave her a little ream, cleaned stem with...
  16. tarak

    2006 Anniversary Kake vs. 2006 Haddo's Delight- An Aged Shoothout

    And the winner is....neither! They were each a different (and great) experience. Recently, through the generosity of fellow piper I was gifted a sample of 2006 Haddo's Delight. Nearly at the same time, I traded a forum member 8 oz. of 2013 HH ODF for the same weight of 2006 Anni Kake. Well...
  17. tarak

    Buy 2 Get 1 Sale at P&C Ever Coming Back?

    Awhile back- maybe 2 years ago, Pipes & Cigars had a buy 2 get 1 free sale on their H&H tobaccos. Anyone thing that is ever coming back? I want to put up a major supply of Anniversary Kake.... Edit- perhaps it was buy 3 get 1? I can't remember, I just remember it was a crazy good deal.
  18. tarak

    Day Off- Smoking By The River (Pics)

    Took the day off to have to myself, sort of to celebrate my recent birthday. Beautiful day by the Mississippi River.
  19. tarak

    Smoking Room Possibility- Help Me With Considerations

    I am trying to talk my wife into letting me use a small, unused storage room in our basement as a smoking room. Its an extremely hard sell- she's a former pulmonary nurse and we have 2 children ages 2 years and 7 months. Heck I'm even debating it in my own mind. So help me sort out some things...
  20. tarak

    Well That Sucks (RIP Theee Nuns)

    Last night I moved my baccy cabinet about 2 feet. Didn't think about it much. Opened it up today and out falls a jar of 3 Nuns with 2 years of age- only one bowl smoked. That's sucks. I'm sure I could have salvaged much but don't enjoy glass in my pipe. Trashed it all. :(