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  1. andrew

    Royal Yacht - Gone for Good? make effort padawan.
  2. andrew

    Email from 4Noggins.

    Yes woodsroad,I pretty much signed into wish Rich a happy retirement, but due to the frequent shit posting here, I've retired from here.
  3. andrew

    Email from 4Noggins.

    Happy retirement Rich, I owe my cellar and the dollars being at par there to you, happy trails, there's a whole community of international pipe smokers you helped alot. It sounds like the new owner will have the same dedication to international shipping as Rich made it clear most of his...
  4. andrew

    R.I.P. Tom Petty, Age 66

  5. andrew

    Samuel Gawith Tins And Boxes Back At P&C

    All tobacco is rehydrated before being blended, it comes down to getting your money's worth, especially in places you get taxed like crazy. I don't like my tobacco crispy, I like it a bit spongy to minimize the dust that settles from the broken bits when it's too dry
  6. andrew

    Mold!!?? Sobranie New Tin

    This repeated notion that your hands were dirty before handling the tobacco and a person introduced the mold spores always makes me laugh. If I'm reusing a jar I simply wash it out first. Never encountered mold, I attribute moldy tobacco to improper treatment of fungicide, handing tobacco...
  7. andrew

    McClelland Bulks 17% Off P&C

    Old world cake is exceptionally good, one of my favourite va's from them that doesn't get talked about really
  8. andrew

    Canadian Box Pass Round 3

    Yeah Jkrug said he got the box, no it's not moving
  9. andrew

    BitCoin Mining

    Hey it started at .05 cents and has hit almost 5000$, I prefer speculating on shares to the traditional form of gambling
  10. andrew

    BitCoin Mining

    And bitcoin has dropped almost 1000$ since I said get out now lol.
  11. andrew

    Samuel Gawith Tins And Boxes Back At P&C

    Mawnamsmiff is referring to prices I think
  12. andrew

    Samuel Gawith Tins And Boxes Back At P&C

    @mtinner yeah weird that's what it said on my phone, checked it twice to be sure, good news if it's a typo for sure. Just checked it's 1792 that's cheapest at sp which I looked at
  13. andrew

    Samuel Gawith Tins And Boxes Back At P&C

    Funny talking about price wars, 4noggins has 250gram boxes for 32$, 4$ cheaper than p&c. Then smokingpipes is 31$
  14. andrew

    Pipes and Cigars

    The sales I see on the site right now makes me envious of the fact they don't ship international, like 7.50 a tin for Dunhill etc
  15. andrew

    Dating, Value for Unsmoked Kaywoodie 22

    Smoke it, kaywoodies are great
  16. andrew

    @ Blend Tobak, Russ When Will Samuel Gawith Blends Be Back In Stock?

    Considering it's disappeared from the website and 2 sponsors just got the YUGEST shipments of it variety wise I would speculate that they don't carry it anymore
  17. andrew

    For 9/11

    @deniz stay woke bro.