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  1. milehighpiper

    Frog Morton Opera

    I received this mysterious and enthralling picture and description about Frog Morton Opera. Does anyone have any idea what this is all about? Could this be the start of someone out in the universe re-creating McClelland blends? Have our prayers to the tobacco Gods been answered? Or is it just...
  2. milehighpiper

    Hunter Blend

    I have missed the last few Pheasant Seasons in Colorado. However, this year I am ready and excited to get up before the sun, drive a few hours to a piece of land that is no longer available to the public, then scratch my head and look at the map and find another piece of land that is available...
  3. milehighpiper

    F/S Alpha Citation 924 10/08/2019

    Alpha Citation 924 Israel / Shalom / from the Tom Douglas estate. I purchased this pipe on ebay thinking it was bigger than it is. I was looking more for a big house pipe. Although this chamber is fairly deep (about 1 1/2”) it is not what I am looking for. Great pipe ready to smoke! Just looking...
  4. milehighpiper

    B&W WWII Movie

    Good morning! I have been rattling my head trying to figure this one out and I figured with all the knowledge here, someone might know. A few years ago I was recovering from a surgery and was watching daytime TV and turned to a classic movie channel (AMC/TMC?). I watched this black and white...
  5. milehighpiper

    The Almost $900 Pipe...

    So I was waiting to receive this pipe and not have a reason to return it (in the event it would be reposted for sale) before I posted this... I saw this Alpha Citation pipe and thought it was a cool shape and had some cool history. Anyways, I picked my max price like I always do and bid $90.00...
  6. milehighpiper

    WTT Cornell and Diehl Blends (09/14/19)

    I have the following unopened tins for sale. After hours Flake The Virginia Cream (G.L. Pease) String Duster Pegasus Bijou Interlude Mad Fiddler Flake Oriental Silk Speakeasy Navy Blend Looking to trade for pipe related stuff. I would love to find a Peterson nose warmer “Sports” or “Outdoorsman”.
  7. milehighpiper

    WTS/WTT 5 Pipes For Sale (09/14/19)

    Hello, I am selling 5 pipes that I no longer smoke. All the prices include shipping in the U.S. of A. I will ship to Canada but additional shipping charges may apply. I advise all pipes be cleaned and sanitized before use. Some of these were estate purchases and never smoked by me. All stems are...
  8. milehighpiper

    Shiny Pipes on Ebay

    Hi, I was just curious if anyone had any experience with ShinyPipes on ebay. I remember seeing a video on Stuff and Things a while back about some drama. I was wondering if anyone knew if they got better or if they are still a seller to be aware of. Thanks!
  9. milehighpiper

    WTB - Baklava Blend (09/01/2019)

    Looking for some more Baklava aromatic pipe tobacco. I bought 8oz in bulk but I am down to the last 2 oz. It was only listed as Baklava at a local shop I went to. Anyone have any they are willing to sell?
  10. milehighpiper

    Anyone try herbal leaf blends?

    I was on the instagrams and saw some guys are blending herb leaves into blends. They are using raspberry, spearmint, peppermint leaves, etc. and creating smoking blends out of them. I was wondering if anyone here had any experience smoking or creating any of these blends. If so, is it worth...
  11. milehighpiper

    English ropes, twists or plugs?

    I love most english blends and was wondering if anyone made an english blend in a rope, twist or a plug. I like Star of the East, Mountain Camp, Pirate Cake, etc. Looking to see if anyone makes anything similar to those. If no one makes blends in those cuts can someone explain why?
  12. milehighpiper

    Black Swan Shoppe

    Anyone in the US ever order anything from the Black Swan Shoppe/ I am trying to get some pipes from them but they do not mention international delivery to the US. I was going to give them a call but it is 4am in London now...
  13. milehighpiper

    Question Regarding WTB ADs...

    I was wondering if there is anywhere on the forum to post that you may be looking for a specific item or pipe? I understand it is hard to monitor these ads but is it prohibited on the entire forum or just in the for sale ads section?
  14. milehighpiper

    Let’s Talk About Bags… (Long Post)

    I started smoking my pipes about a year ago and since then I also visit my local pipe and cigar shop several times a month. In the beginning it was not tough, I had a basket pipe, a small pouch of tobacco, a tamper and a lighter. I kept most of those items in my pocket and the larger items I...
  15. milehighpiper

    Please help me identify this pipe...

    Hello, I recently bought this pipe from a friend and am having a hard time identifying it. It is a Dunhill and it is stamped “DUNHILL SHELL over MADE IN ENGLAND10”. I am trying to sell it and want to know what it is so I can list it properly. Anyone have any idea what it is? Thanks for your help!
  16. milehighpiper

    Stanwell Calabash

    This one caught my eye and I was curious to see what your thoughts were on these? I really like the shape and want one but I want to know what the guys who own these have to say. Not the cheapest and not the most expensive but it caught my eye.
  17. milehighpiper

    Where Do You Source Your Dunhill?

    I have to admit (it is the first step right?) that I fell for the Dunhill trap. You know, the one where you try a few Dunhill blends and are hooked and then you spend the rest of eternity trying to find them. I fell in love with the big 3: Aperitif, Nightcap, and Early Morning Pipe. I have found...
  18. milehighpiper

    Cornell and Diehl - Your Opinion

    Hello, I have exhausted myself trying to find the unobtainable blends and decided to focus on finding easily available blends. I zeroed in on Cornell and Diehl due to the availability and their vast choices. However, this has proven to be a difficult task because their vast choices consists of...
  19. milehighpiper

    Any suggestions for custom stems?

    Hello, I am looking at a few estate pipes where the briar can be restored but the stems are too gone to repair. I was wondering if anyone knew a "stem maker" who could make a stem for me if I sent the pipe out to him/her. I have no preference over acrylic/vulcanite/whateverelsecite. Any...
  20. milehighpiper

    Keeping Track of Your Tobacco...

    Hello, I got in the habit of buying a tin of tobacco every time I go to my local shop for a smoke (about once every two weeks). I have been placing them in storage bins and kind of accumulating them to try them out in the future. I was about to place an order for more tobacco and realized that...