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  1. midwestpipesmoker70

    The Year Was 1970

    So I just read the thread on the Capstan Blue and the birthday year Zulu and it made me post this question. My 50th birthday will be coming up in a few years and I have been looking for a birth year pipe that I thought I would buy to celebrate. My birth year is 1970 and I have been looking at...
  2. midwestpipesmoker70

    Pipe Smokers Near Moline, IL?

    Des Moines is a little far for me, anyone in or near the Quad Cities area of Illinois/Iowa?
  3. midwestpipesmoker70


    Hi all. My tobacco trials have been mostly with english blends and virginias. The first aromatic that I have tried is Hobbit's Weed. It is a cherry vanilla mix. Somedays I like it and others it is just bitter. I think drying it out helps get rid of the bitterness. Anyway, I am looking for other...