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  1. mrmachado

    My New Pipe has Arrived - And I'm in Love

    What I refer to is the Armellini Suprema which I talked about 2 months ago. I took a pause in pipesmoking because my good-tasting tobaccos ended. I ordered this pipe at March 10, and it only arrived a couple of days ago (April 23). Some days of anxious expectations... You know, the customhouses...
  2. mrmachado

    Rotten Tobacco? White Layer Growing Over Rope After 3 Weeks (Pic)

    I picked up this piece of rope tobacco after 3 weeks "cellaring" it in a dark place (though not vacuum-sealed), and look at what happened... What could this be?
  3. mrmachado

    Dried Tobacco Gone Bad

    I always had good results drying my tobacco. But recently, when drying Viprati, the taste became kind of mediocre in my opinion. And it's a pretty good tobacco when fresh out of the tin. Do you guys think that some tobaccos don't benefit from drying?
  4. mrmachado

    Brand New Armellini Suprema With Sillver Ring $60 on EBay

    Is this brand good? Reliable? I've never heard of it. A picture below:
  5. mrmachado

    French Estate - Peco Extra Army Mount

    I seems to be unsmoked. I've never heard of this brand though. I want a pipe with an Army Mount and this one is affordable ($36.90). Does it seem like a good deal to you?
  6. mrmachado

    Vulcanite, Acrylic, Plastic, and Horn Stems - Which is More Resistant?

    Resistant to falling to the ground, I mean. I'm thinking of buying a pipe with a horn stem because of its supposed resistance/durability (if it eventually falls to the ground accidentally), but I'd like to hear the experts' opinions first.
  7. mrmachado

    A Couple of Brands I Didn't Know: Ropp / T. Cristiano / Amphora

    I found affordable pipes from those brands and all of them cost near the same thing ($45-47.50). How would you rate those brands / pipe makers? Here are some links/pictures Ropp T. Cristiano...
  8. mrmachado

    Show Off The Favorite Pipe Lighter Of Yours

    Post your favorite, if you wish to do so. Here's mine:
  9. mrmachado

    Russian/Soviet Pipe For Sale Here... Could Anyone Identify it or its Wood Type?

    The owner says he doesn't know anything about pipes. It's cheap ($30). If you guys cannot identify it, could you at least guess if it's made of briar or something else? Here's a pic of it (no political debates please, it's just a Soviet pipe): Thanks
  10. mrmachado

    Butz-Choquin Samba - Help With Identifying The Exact Model

    It looks way older than most Butz-Choquin Samba from nowadays. Could anyone help me identifying the exact model of this pipe? It's an unsmoked estate costing $45, and the normal prices are $85. It seems to be a good deal, I'd like opinions on this too... If possible.
  11. mrmachado

    Abrasive Steel Wool To Polish Your Pipe?

    Does it work or will it damage the briar? From a thread I've read, I've heard of brushing wheels, but I don't know if the abrasive ones are acceptable for this purpose. It seems that it's the only thing I have available here at home (abrasive kitchen steel wool). Would rubbing a cloth soaked in...
  12. mrmachado

    Estate Savinelli Extra 2007 - Meerschaum Bowl, or Reamed Bowl?

    The owner doesn't know if this is a "meerschaum bowl" or a scraped bowl. She thinks it's a meerschaum bowl. I think it's just a reamed bowl. What do you guys think? She is asking $45 by the way, please tell me if it isn't worth it.
  13. mrmachado

    Very Stong Tobaccos - How do They Use To Age?

    I have some blends that are somewhat brutal-ish for me at the moment. I'm thinking about cellaring them to see if they get more mellow within some time. Have you done it with very strong / extremely strong tobaccos, and, if so, what did happen strength-wise?
  14. mrmachado

    Do You Sometimes Feel That Your Body Becomes Tired of Too Much Nicotine?

    After I smoke a couple of bowls (not necessarily heavy on nicotine), sometimes (actually it's happening quite often), I feel that I can't smoke anymore for the rest of the day or so. Unless I take a big rest. Does this happen to you and bother you? Any solutions? It bothers me a lot because I...
  15. mrmachado

    Pipeworks & Wilke Pipe Tobacco - Good as an Entry For Balkan Blends?

    I've just found this one here at a reasonable price ($24 the 1.75oz bag: expensive for USA/Europe, but not so much for where I live) It has been discontinued, so it's rare stuff. It has great reviews. What do you guys think of this blend? Good for someone who never tried Balkan blends?
  16. mrmachado

    Blending Aromatics With Non-aromatics

    When I didn't have Carter Hall here in my house to tone down harsh stuff, I used 7 Seas Regular to tone down Irish Flake. It actually worked out great. I don't see people talking about blending aros with non-aros. Have you ever blended aros with non-aromatics? Please tell your experiences and...
  17. mrmachado

    Latakia Getting Mellow Within a Couple of Hours of DGT

    I've recently created a thread about the punch of latakia that dissatisfied me a lot. Then my palate began to get kind of acquainted to it as I persisted on smoking it. But I noticed something else: When I smoke a little bit of John Cotton's Number 1 for example, let it sit for a couple of hours...
  18. mrmachado

    Smoking Tobacco for Rolling Cigarettes in Briar Pipes

    In my visit to the marketplace where I bought my rope tobaccos, I asked if there was more pipe tobacco available there, and the guy said "No... Wait, there's this one!". And then he showed me this small straight Virginia pouch. It costed just around $1 the 1oz pouch. Right now, just before...
  19. mrmachado

    Which Is the Strongest Type of Tobacco Nicotine-Wise?

    I've heard it's burley but people talk a lot about "latakia bombs", so which would be stronger after all: pure burley or pure latakia (I think blends of pure latakia don't exist, but anyway...)? Edited by jvnshr: Title capitalization (please check Rule #9)
  20. mrmachado

    Tobacco Recommendations for Someone Who Doesn't Seem to Enjoy Latakia

    I am discovering my first couple of non-aromatics so I went on and bought 2 blends that contain a lot Latakia: John Cotton's Number 1 and Black Frigate. I found their taste similarly overpowering on the bad side, especially Black Frigate. Not in the nicotine department, but in the taste...