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  1. dochudson

    C&D bulk favorites?

    Going to order a few since SP has them on sale. Give me your top 3 or 4 blends..
  2. dochudson

    Brebbia Pipes Reputation?

    This one in particular.. Brebbia 118
  3. dochudson

    Sherlock Holmes Fans..

    The Strand Magazine An Illustrated Monthly
  4. dochudson

    Smokers' Haven Flash Sale until August 26th 2016

    in you arent on their mailing list We are pleased to offer 20% off your next order that is $200 or more storewide. Any item, as many times as you like between now and Friday, August 25th 11:59 p.m. EST can be purchased for 20% off. Use the Coupon code below while checking out. Code: FLASH20...
  5. dochudson

    East India Trading Company

    Not many reviews out there.. since P&C is running buy 2 get 3rd free. I welcome any reviews.
  6. dochudson

    Pipe, Pipe Tobacco.. Daytona Beach area?

    Running low would like to pick-up a tin or two.
  7. dochudson

    The Danish Pipe Shop?

    Evidently this is the only place to get SG's Brown Sugar Flake. Anyone ordered (U.S.) from them?
  8. dochudson

    Heads Up..

    The EURO is taking a serious hit against the USD..
  9. dochudson

    Savinelli: Ginger's Favorite..

    from Smoking Pipes.. is this guy serious or pulling our leg? Ginger's Favorite being a somewhat young(ish) late twenty-something, I was ashamed to ask who "Ginger" Rogers was, knowing the angry backlash I would probably receive from asking some of the older members of our staff. Although my...
  10. dochudson

    Redbird Strike Anywhere Matches

    has anyone found a source for these in the US? thanks
  11. dochudson

    Corona Old Boy leather case?

    can anyone tell me about the lighter case and pipe tool in this pictures?
  12. dochudson


    is there a reason one doesn't see them discussed much?
  13. dochudson

    Heads Up For You Columbus, OH. Folks

    Governors Smokeshop We are having the Legendary John McDougal come in tonight for a Scotch tasting! Some seats are still available. For questions about the event, give us a call. 392-2302. Hope to see you all here! no association other than a happy customer.
  14. dochudson

    New Pete

    picked this up from our local shop over the weekend! anyone have the talent to make a tamper to make these stems?
  15. dochudson

    1949 Dunhill Shell 59

    birth year Dunhill.. anyone care to offer an opinion? 1949 DUNHILL
  16. dochudson


    so I figure to run one VIN maybe 5.95 or even 9.95.. but no 39.95 for one or 59 for a year unlimited. what a rip off.
  17. dochudson

    why do folks who " don't smoke/like aero's " seem to always review aero's with 1 or 2 stars screwing up the ratings? I tend to smoke aero's and english so I would never think to go review all the VA's with 1 or 2 stars.
  18. dochudson


    I spent the last couple of years looking at a lot of pipes but ain't seen nothing like these bad boys. larrysson pipes sample
  19. dochudson


    educate me.. new Fire HD vs Samsung vs Nexus vs ASUS.. etc I have a desktop rarely used, several laptops mostly used for surfing but getting tired of burned legs. A tablet will be used for surfing, reading/responding to forums, no 'real work'. I have WiFi so don't care about 3/4g options. Is...
  20. dochudson

    Peterson Iceberg

    I really need to stay off the internet..