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  1. tulsagentleman

    Suggestions for a custom blend, please.

    I want to try my hand at creating my own blend of English/Balkan/American. I have blending dark fired Kentucky burley, Latakia, and Perique, PS 701 Virginia, and black cavendish. I intend to press it for some time then slice it. Success would be something that might resemble Escudo. This is my...
  2. tulsagentleman

    Insects in my pipe tobacco

    I very recently ordered a pound of Ryback Regular from P&C. I smoked a couple of bowls then noticed in the reviews that many use this as a RYO. I put some tobacco in a tube injector and noticed a small brown insect which I smashed between my fingers. Never saw that before. I rolled a second...
  3. tulsagentleman

    Estate Preben Holm Large Fancy

    I bid on and won this pipe from eBay for $53.66 (cost plus shipping). Obviously, it needs some cleaning up but I think I did well. What do you think? will post another set of pictures after restoration.
  4. tulsagentleman

    Estate GBD Pipe. Original stem?

    I am bidding on an estate GBD pipe. I can believe that the band is silver but I am wondering if the stem is original. It is almost too clean for the condition of the pipe and does not have the brass GBD emblem on it. I have not bid that much for it and it would probably make a good smoker as...
  5. tulsagentleman

    Dating a Prince Albert Tin

    Recently I acquired 5 unopened vintage 1&1/2 ounce tins of Prince Albert still filled with tobacco. I am interested in dating them. They are in good shape with a little tarnish on the top but very clean. The tobacco inside is quite dry but still smokes OK. Well-aged, you might say. The price...
  6. tulsagentleman

    Cracked stem

    This is a Lorenzo Imola #7244 Brandy which has a cracked stem. Is there any way to repair this or am I looking at a new stem?
  7. tulsagentleman

    G. L. Pease Quiet Nights

    I just received an 8-ounce tin of Quiet Nights from SP. The first impression is that it's nice and smokey with a nice taste of Latakia but not overpowering. I like it. When I opened the tin I intended to transfer it to a screw-top jar but see that the long slices of tobacco are laid out in a...
  8. tulsagentleman

    Carey Magic Inch

    On a whim, I just bought a Carey Magic Inch pipe from eBay for $25. It looks like a nice pipe and I sort of like filtered pipes. I have never seen one of these before and wonder if some of you have one and what do you think of it. Did I waste my money? Carey Magic Inch
  9. tulsagentleman

    Replacement P-lip Mouthpieces

    I purchased a Peterson p-lip system pipe from eBay that I plan to restore. The bowl is in decent shape, but the mouthpiece is beyond hope. I have searched Google and different forums in vain for a supplier of replacement stems. The references I have found are either 'not found" or the supplier...
  10. tulsagentleman

    Advice requested - Pete Meer 302?

    I'm thinking of bidding on a Meerschaum Peterson 302 on Ebay. It looks well smoked but in decent shape. The finish is in a rusticated brown stain that looks rather like a briar. I like Petes and the few Meers I have but would appreciate some expert advice.
  11. tulsagentleman

    Ebay Treasure

    I just received a nice Peterson P-lip I bought on Ebay for $36. Smokes really nice.
  12. tulsagentleman

    Greetings from Tulsa Oklahoma

    Hello. My name is George and I have been smoking pipes for over 50 years. I love talking about pipes and just found this forum where I hope to make some new friends.