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  1. johnnyreb

    Magnitude-6.8 Earthquake Hits Alaska

    Warren, I know damage was confined to the Kenai Peninsula, 160 mi SW of Anchorage so I'm assuming all is well with you & your's. Could you feel or hear anything where you live?
  2. johnnyreb

    Happy 100th, Frank!

    Here's to you!
  3. johnnyreb

    Neil Young's Birthday -- Can You Dig It?

    Happy Birthday Neil! After all these yrs your lyrics can still bring a tear to my eyes. What's some of your favorites? "Cortez the Killer" "Old Laughing Lady" "Dead Man Theme"...
  4. johnnyreb

    MLB's World Series - 2015

    Now that the Kansas City Royals are one game away from winning the World Series I'm going to open up a tin of Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore's "Smells Like Victory" Latakia blend for tonight's game 5!
  5. johnnyreb

    Any C.K. Byrd Family From South Carolina Here? CSA Soldiers Pipe

    Just to be clear I have no stake in this listing. I would just like to see a descendent of this soldier have the chance to buy this pipe back. C.K. Byrd Company E, 4th South Carolina Cavalry Confederate States of America...
  6. johnnyreb

    No More Beer Lines...Ever!

    Why didn't I think of this? As reported on CNN:
  7. johnnyreb

    Did Anglin Bros Escape Alcatraz In 1962?

    Anyone see the program Monday night? I missed it; trying to see if it comes online somewhere.
  8. johnnyreb

    Billy the Kid Played Croquet...Who Knew?

    When you are running antique malls looking for pipes be sure & take time to look for old photographs of historical figures; it could be worth your while. A Tintype of Billy the Kid and his Lincoln County gang relaxing & spending a day playing croquet shortly after the Lincoln County War has...
  9. johnnyreb

    Infamous Pipe Smokers

    The thread on pipe smoking role models got me to thinking; how about a thread of pics of infamous pipe smokers? This might be a short list, I don't know. We've all seen avatars of Stalin so no need to repost that one here. Who else can you add? I'll start with Black Panther & one time...
  10. johnnyreb

    Pipe-Terre Globe Pipe by Ryszard Kulpinski

    While researching yesterday I stumbled upon Ryszard Kulpinski's "Globe Pipe" with pipe support. I'm sure some of you have probably seen this before. It might even be in someone's collection here. Kulpinski in his carving has featured "guilloching ocean waves", has given Cuba an "unusual...
  11. johnnyreb

    Who Made That Pipe?

    Could someone who has a copy of the book please check for a reference for a "Jet Set Flying Disc" briar pipe? There are more than one of these flying disc shaped UFO pipes around. Some are stamped "Jet Set" on the left side of the vulcanized bit (see pic), & some have the Mastercraft logo...
  12. johnnyreb

    Any Hafner Family From Alabama Here? CSA Soldiers Pipe

    Just to be clear I have no stake in this listing...
  13. johnnyreb

    Calling All Falcon Lovers!

    Calling All Falcon Lovers: two extraordinary solid gold Falcons with real Amber stems are known to be in existence. They are hallmarked London 1976 9 carat gold and the makers stamp is Johnson Matthey & Co. This pipe resold in August 2004 and is currently in England: A second solid gold...
  14. johnnyreb

    Celtic Music, Smoking A Peterson - You Dig It?

    Sometimes while smoking a Peterson I get in the mood for a lil' Celtic music, especially if I'm wearing my beard all braided up with beads Viking style! Can you dig it? King of the Fairies Innisfree Ceoil
  15. johnnyreb

    Warning Labels

    "There oughta be a warning label!" Now who still doesn't believe in the dumbing down of America?
  16. johnnyreb

    If You Win The Lottery In Illinois

    If you win the lottery in Illinois you're going to have to take an IOU!
  17. johnnyreb

    National Dog Day

    It's almost over now but today is National Dog Day. Give your best friend a special treat & take a picture. This was taken with a friend in June 2013 when my dog Traveller was just 10 months old. While taking some other pics this shot was purely spontaneous.
  18. johnnyreb

    Pirate Music for Parrotheads: Can You Dig It?

    Great music for drinking Margaritas, Mojitos, or any other umbrella drink! Wintering over in Cuba is sounding better & better! How about it Phil; I know how much you hate winter? "Son Of A Son Of A Sailor" "A Pirate Looks At Forty" "Margaritaville"
  19. johnnyreb

    1969 Cadillac Hot Tub

    This was a six yr build...can you even imagine just how many beers were consumed during this six yrs?
  20. johnnyreb

    A Three Hour Tour!

    Just sit right back And you'll hear a tale A tale of a fateful trip, That started from this tropic port, Aboard this tiny ship