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  1. hunterwold1

    Dunhill Pipes

    I have been a pipe smoker for a little over a year now and I have collected what I believe to be a good selection of quality new and estate pipes. The one pipe I do not have in my collection is a Dunhill pipe. When I look at the selection of estate pipes particularly on eBay I find the Dunhill...
  2. hunterwold1

    New Off Fan Unit for Belt Amazing

    I smoke my pipe on the patio and this time of year it can be mosquito central. I was skeptical about the Off Clip On Mosquito repellant unit but it is amazing. So I commend it to all of you who move to the back yard to smoke.
  3. hunterwold1

    Excellent Tea

    At Christmas my son brought home some tea and said I would like it. When I opened the tin I thought he was gifting me with some tobacco. Turned out it is Lapsang Souchong Star tea and has a rich smokey smell and taste. I introduced it to a friend I get together with to smoke, who also loves...
  4. hunterwold1

    Just Saw The Hobbit:: An Unexpected Journey

    I was fascinated by all of the various pipes used in the movie. Not sure why they were mostly church wardens but it adds to the setting. One thing I did find very interesting was the note on the movie ticket. It was in the form of a warning - violence and tobacco! Rather fascinating to see...
  5. hunterwold1

    First Smoke Butz-Choquin

    I finally got around to smoking my Butz-Choquin Carat Liseuse Churchwarden last evening. I decided to christen it with my favourite - Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader. Took some getting used to with the long stem but it was a cool smoke. Had a hankering to see Lord of the Rings again for some...
  6. hunterwold1

    S. Gawith Squadron Leader

    After work yesterday I relaxed with a bowl of Squadron Leader in my new Peterson Mark Twain. This was my first bowl of SL and I really enjoyed it. Mild taste, no bite, burned well - only three re-lites - (I was smoking out doors with a very mild breeze) - I really like it. Hard to rate a room...
  7. hunterwold1

    My Stanwell

    This is the Stanwell De Luxe I recently restored. It is one of my favourites. Beautiful to look at and smokes well to boot! What more could one ask for?
  8. hunterwold1

    New Pipe

    I just purchased a new pipe yesterday. It is the Peterson Mark Twain special edition with the bent stem. I have been on the lookout for something resembling a Sherlock Holmes style but not necessarily a calabash. I am looking forward to using it this weekend. I have an unopened tin of Samuel...
  9. hunterwold1

    Breaking in a new pipe

    I am new to pipe smoking and my first bowls have been smoked from two very lovely and completely restored estate pipes. However, I recently purchased two new pipes as well - a Butz-Choquin Churchwarden and a Brigham Voyageur. How did you break in your latest new pipe? What was your process?
  10. hunterwold1

    Pleasant new hobby

    Hello. My name is Stanley. A few weeks ago I was browsing the tables at a church rummage sale and saw this well worn leather pouch. I picked it up and discovered it was a pipe pouch complete with pipe, an old square nail, some old tobacco inside, and some pipe cleaners. I made a decision right...