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  1. jharvard

    I Hate the Post Office.

    Hank Bukowski "loved" the Post Office about as much as you do. Personally, I am indifferent. :puffpipe:
  2. jharvard

    JFK With Pipe, Circa 1963

    @ DocWatson the JFK library is by far one of the best Presidential libraries. The location is right on the water and there is a "T" stop within walking distance (Umass-Boston Red line). You should certainly invest the time. It's wonderful and even the food at the restaurant is good it serves...
  3. jharvard

    JFK With Pipe, Circa 1963

    That is a great picture numbersix. Thank you for sharing. I am a collector of JFK memorabilia and have never seen this before. Cheers! :puffpipe:
  4. jharvard

    Who Went To College?

    Interesting thread. Where I come from a young man or young woman has basically two choices that are socially acceptable after completing grammar school. College or Carnival. (I will spare the readers of this thread the fate and horror of those young people who were denied and/or rejected the...
  5. jharvard

    Pipes and

    -Spartan I'll start off quoting your line to me to make things simple: "Nothing against you personally." I am relatively certain the length of the thread and perhaps not reading it thoroughly enough could have confused you of my intentions. etc. etc. etc. Not going to go line for line of what...
  6. jharvard

    Pipes and

    Thanks for sharing your opinions guys. Just to clean up a bit of the confusion: I was venting about an issue that really was all. No more and no less than that. I will do business with Pipes and Cigars in the future. This was not about entitlement or free tobacco as some have suggested, if you...
  7. jharvard

    Pipes and

    rothnh- No worries. I think this is where maybe I am being "old fashioned" because I disagree with your statement that "after her apology, that's basically all she could do." I believe she could have done much more in fact and hence my displeasure with their customer service and the reason for...
  8. jharvard

    Pipes and

    mikephillips- This was to be my 2nd tin of Black House so I only ordered a 2 oz tin. They mistakenly sent me a 2 oz tin of Fusilier's Ration. We are talking maybe $10 or $12 dollars at most if I had to guess. :puffpipe:
  9. jharvard

    Pipes and

    Rothnh- My apologies; I failed to mention in her initial reply she did say they would send a pre-paid return postage label. It has not arrived yet but I assume along with the Black House tobacco will be the postage. I don't want THAT to be mistaken for my point of contention. Please make sure...
  10. jharvard

    Pipes and

    I have to vent if for no other reason just to vent: Every single experience (besides the following) I have had with has been exactly what a customer would expect (the customer places and pays for an order and the dealer supplies and ships the products as agreed etc.) As a...
  11. jharvard

    Latest Tobacco Aquisition From P&C

    It keeps on getting interesting and more interesting. Thanks for the update. :puffpipe:
  12. jharvard

    Tomorrow I Order Black House

    Hope you enjoy Black House anthonyrosenthal. I recently tried to restock my supply and sent me the wrong tobacco. I notified them right away and unfortunately it still has not arrived. I am leaving for a long trip without a new supply of Black House! I am doomed! I will run...
  13. jharvard

    11th Homemade Briar With Bamboo - Hishaku

    Very nice pipe. Do you smoke from the pipes you make? If so, how is this pipe? Thanks for sharing. Cheers! :puffpipe:
  14. jharvard

    Latest Tobacco Aquisition From P&C

    Thanks Sothron. That was a good initial review on the fly. Will be interested in reading what you think after you smoke it a few more times. I have never tried "Freight Train" yet. Thanks for sharing. :puffpipe:
  15. jharvard

    Latest Tobacco Aquisition From P&C

    Wow nice order there Spartan. I would like to know your thoughts on "Marquee Lakeland Brickle FORTISSIMO" when you smoke it 3 or 4 times. Keep us posted buddy. Thanks. :puffpipe:
  16. jharvard

    Peterson Group Hug

    Nice rotation of Peterson's! Happy you shared all the pictures. I know everybody has different experiences made up of both good and bad; I have been smoking Peterson Pipes for over 15 years. Never had a problem yet and when I couldn't locate a certain pipe here in the States, I contacted...
  17. jharvard

    New Nording Straight Grain

    Fantastic looking pipe! Very sharp indeed. Thanks for sharing. :puffpipe:
  18. jharvard

    My First Estate Pipe

    Pretty nice for your first estate pipe. How does the pipe smoke? Thank for sharing. :puffpipe:
  19. jharvard

    What are You Reading?

    Charles Bukowski's Post Office. Great thread. Enjoy learning what you guys are reading. Cheers! :puffpipe:
  20. jharvard

    What Are You Smoking? *January 2013*

    Samuel Gawith's "Squadron Leader" in my Dunhill Bruyere 4208 on a cloudy 20 degree day in Cambridge. :puffpipe: