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  1. carolinachurchwarden

    Trying To Find Something Similar To A Particular Pipe Tobacco In Cigar Form

    I was out in my car with the window cracked this morning, smoking a lovely blend called Scotty's Butternut Burley. I love it in the mornings, especially when it's crisp outside. A guy I work with smelled it and asked me about it and I told him what it was. He asked me if they had something...
  2. carolinachurchwarden

    Ever Had A Blend Be Too Strong?

    I must admit, I like the stronger things in life. Dark, strong porters and stouts; strong flavored sweet tea, dark roasted coffees and dark, strong and flavorful tobaccos. Every once in a while, depending on how I've eaten, one will set my head to spinning, but I enjoy it when it happens. Puts a...
  3. carolinachurchwarden

    Savinelli St. Nicholas 2019 Out....Thinking About It...

    Well, I think the 2019 St. Nick pipes don't look too bad at all. Kinda diggin' the red stem and gold accent on the band. Might end up getting one of these this year, but still may wait to see what Peterson does. What do you think?
  4. carolinachurchwarden

    Davorin Morta Pipe Stem Refresh

    So, remember I got my morta this week and the stem was already oxidizing? Well, I couldn't stand to part with it after waiting so long to get it, so I just decided to jump into fix it mode. I grabbed a magic eraser and with some hot water, didn't take long to remove the oxidation. Then I used...
  5. carolinachurchwarden

    Ever Buy Get A Bic That Acts Like A Flamethrower?

    So I buy bics to keep in the car and around the office and house just to have something within reach. I still use my Kiribi all the time, but I don't typically pull it out in the car. A month or more ago, when at the corner convenience store, I threw in another Bic lighter with my coffee. This...
  6. carolinachurchwarden

    Are There Tobaccos You Consider Acquired Tastes?

    Or do you just not smoke anything you find to be not in alignment with your tastes in tobacco? Case in point: I always saw good things about Haunted Bookshop. When I began my journey through a lot of the C&D blends, I threw in a 1 ounce bag of HB just to try it. Too many good reviews to pass up...
  7. carolinachurchwarden

    Finally Got My Morta!

    I finally got my morta pipe for my collection. I went with a Davorin made pipe. I wanted something that I could dedicate to the Black Frigate. It's a great pipe and smoking it is a pleasure! I'm looking forward to many more years with this pipe.
  8. carolinachurchwarden

    Taking A Week Off Seems To Renew The Enjoyment

    I'm currently smoking my first pipe in a week. I was stricken with a cough that just wouldn't seem to go away, so I laid down the pipe for a week, took a lot of medicine for it and yesterday, I was ba k to normal. I'm taking it slow and steady today and decided to grab one of my favorite blends...
  9. carolinachurchwarden

    It's Been A Whole Year Already?

    Can't believe I've been here a year already. Seems like only yesterday I joined up and started wondering what all the crazy sumbitches with a little signature or title denoting a "Brother of the Black Frigate" was all about. All I knew, was I had to find out. Here I am, a year later, 30 tins of...
  10. carolinachurchwarden

    RIP Peter Mayhew

    I am probably one of the biggest Star Wars fans of anyone I know and I am saddened beyong belief that our beloved Chewy has passed on. Rest in peace you loveable fuzzball.
  11. carolinachurchwarden

    MM Cobbit, Carolina Gent, Charles Towne Cobbler, and Dagner Poker Back In Stock!

    Looks like MM has been hard at it and has replenished their stock of the following: All Cobbits In, even the collection set (I know some weren't out, but at least two were sold out for a while) Carolina Gent Charles Towne Cobbler Dagner Poker Each link above should take you to the right page...
  12. carolinachurchwarden

    New Tamper Design - Work In Progress

    Decided I wanted to do something fun with a tamper and try some things out I've been meaning to try, so I grabbed a piece of Granadillo and went to work. I still need to get some finer tipped dremel bits to clean the corners, but I think it's coming along quite nicely:
  13. carolinachurchwarden

    My First Morta On The Way, A Davorin Freehand Tulip

    Well, I did it again. I have been itching for a pipe to dedicate to Black Frigate and I kept looking and looking at many different sites, but nothing really clicked until I spotted this gorgeous morta by Davorin Denovic. I saw a lot of his pipes that looked fantastic and found one on a site I...
  14. carolinachurchwarden

    The Missouri Meerschaum Bully 2019, The First of Several In A Limited Release

    I just picked up the first offering from Missouri Meerschaum from their 150th Anniversary line. Been checking their site every day to see if they've released anything and this afternoon I not disappointed. Looks like they're doing a limited series of bulldog style corn cob pipes. The first in...
  15. carolinachurchwarden

    Metal And Briar In Unison, My H. Wiebe Radiator Has Arrived!

    A few weeks ago I asked if anyone had owned or owns a H. Wiebe Radiator pipe with the hopes that I would receive some positive feedback about them and I did. So I decided to pull the trigger last Friday. I love Smoking Pipes, but sometimes they don't carry what I'm looking for, so I went over to...
  16. carolinachurchwarden

    Found A Margate Review That's Really Entertaining

    I was stumbling through TR's site a couple of weeks ago when I fell upon a review for Margate (and kind of Penzance at the same time) that was so entertaining I just had to share it: It had me cracking up, that's for sure. This dude gets +1 times infinity fro me.
  17. carolinachurchwarden

    Just Received The Gift Of A Falcon

    After a recent thread I made about radiator pipes and mentioning that I had considered Falcons a time or two, but never pulled the trigger, I received a Falcon with a lovely briar bowl yesterday in the mail. It was all cleaned up and shining all pretty, I just ran some more water through it and...
  18. carolinachurchwarden

    Allergy Season In Full Swing, Can't Enjoy My Tobacco

    So it's in full force now. Every year about this time, you can walk outside and find your car a newly minted shade of matte yellow. Even with a rain event to wash it away one day, it's back again the next. Woke up this morning with a stopped up head and a headache and very unwilling to smoke a...
  19. carolinachurchwarden

    Cocobolo Wood Tamper And My Stack To Date

    Just finished a Cocobolo Wood tamper last night along with another Zebra Wood tamper. I'm loving the way the Cocobolo looks. Here's a few images of the ones from last night and then one of my stack of completed tampers so far: I'm planning on making a few more between tonight and tomorrow...
  20. carolinachurchwarden

    Handmade Crochet Hook Display/Storage Cabinet

    I've been pretty busy the last few weekends and weeknights trying to make some things to sell at the TAPS Expo, but I've also been working steadily on a crochet hook cabinet that can display 10 hooks in the top, with two drawers below also holding 10 hooks each for a grand total of 30 hooks...