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  1. choch

    H&H White Knight Replacement

    Good evening gents, I'm down to the last few scraps of my White Knight and have not been able to find any more in-stock anyplace in spite of searching on a daily basis. I would appreciate any suggestions for a comprable replacement that might be available. I have plenty of Blackhouse, and do not...
  2. choch

    Fusilier's Ration vs Bengal Slices?

    Good evening gentlemen, I have fallen in love with Fusilier's Ration. I've almost smoked my way through the one tin that I have and I'm concerned that I can't find more right now. I see that Bengal Slices is available at various providers. Wondering about any opinions of one versus the other...
  3. choch


    The Wife has forced me to remove my smoking to the garage. And old but comfy chair, a couple of space heaters, an old end table and a Bluetooth speaker later it's not terrible. At least I don't have to hear her complain about my pipe smoke. Has anyone else been banished to the garage in order...
  4. choch

    What Tobacco Did Bing Smoke?

    I'm a huge Bing Crosby fan, he is one of the most important figures in American music in general, and jazz in particular. Another thread made me wonder, might anyone know tobacco(s) did Bing Crosby like to smoke?
  5. choch

    Smokers' Haven Exotique Mixture-What's similar?

    Being a big fan of Oriental & Latakia blends, I've been wanting to try Exotique Mixture ever since Kevin Godbee posted his excellent review of the blend. Problem is that it's been out of stock for some time and Smokers' Haven doesn't have any estimate of when it might be available again. Can...
  6. choch

    How To Add Friends?

    I've recieved quite a few friend requests (and accepted them all), but I can't figure out how to add and send friend requests to other members myself. Might anyone be able to help with some directions? Craig
  7. choch

    My Collection

    I wanted to share my modest but growing collection, which consists of several GBD's, BBB's, Bjarnes, Stanwells, and Peterson's, plus one or two each of Upton, Ben Wade, Knute, Chacom, Butz-Choquin, Barling, Aldo Velani and a few no-names. No Dunhills unfortunately, but maybe one day I'll be able...
  8. choch

    What Would Holmes Have Smoked?

    This weekend I've been rewatching the excellent Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes series (it's the gold standard Holmes IMHO) now that it's available on Netflix streaming. This evening I was browsing some online stores and came across "Peterson Sherlock Holmes" blend, which is described as: "This...
  9. choch

    Savinelli Bing's Favorite-opinions?

    I've been considering adding a new Savinelli Bing's Favorite Rustic to my collection: Any opinions or feedback on these pipes would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Craig
  10. choch

    Proper Flake Moisture

    I think that my flake tobaccos are too moist. They seem to be quite moist to the touch, and are very difficult to do the fold and stuff method with-they break apart too easily. I didn't have this issue last week when my flakes arrived in the mail, since then I've transferred them to glass jars...
  11. choch

    Breaking In A New Pipe

    Gents, I'm in the market for a couple of new pipes, one of which is a Savenelli Bing's Favorite, but it's been over a dozen years since I have broken in a new pipe (I've bought estate pipes for many years). I was hoping for some advice on how to break in a new pipe. I seem to recall some people...
  12. choch

    My Collection

    I'm puffing away on some nice Cambridge Flake from Peretti's and wanted to share a couple of pictures that I took of my collection, such as it is.... Cheers, Craig
  13. choch

    Flake Fold & stuff Method

    I watched Pipes Magazine's video on the fold & stuff method for loading flake tobacco last night. I got my delivery of Cambridge Flake & Penzance from Peretti's today and just employed the method with the latter. I have to say that this is the best loading method for flake that I have tried...
  14. choch

    Peterson Pipes - Don't Like

    I have owned two Petersons for several years now, a Smooth Tankard and a Bulldog Flame Grain. I've tried and tried to like the pipes, but the odd lip on these pipes just doesn't cut it for me. I find them uncomfortable to hold in my mouth, and worse yet the location of the air hole draws the...
  15. choch

    Getting To The Bottom Of The Bowl

    I've had a long standing issue with being able to smoke the tobacco down to the bottom of the bowl. I just don't seem to be able to get the tobacco dow in the bottom to stay lit, and as a result I'm dumping out unsmoked tobacco from my pipe far too often. I was hoping that some fellow members...
  16. choch

    Second Bowl Question

    Hello Gents, I was wondering what some other members do when they want to smoke a second bowl in the evening? Do you go through the processes of swabbing and cleaning out your pipe as you do when you are done with it for the night? Or maybe a pared down cleaning process?? Or do you just pack...