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  1. jallen49

    What's a shape you just don't like?

    Prince Squashed tomatoe Canadian
  2. jallen49

    Headed to Oak Ridge, TN - Sept 25 to 27

    +1 on visiting Smokys! It's my preferred tobacconist in town. They always have a good, well stocked section of tins, and most employees are super nice! Welcome to east TN in advance!
  3. jallen49

    Does ANYBODY actually like Borkum Riff?

    My theory is why buy BR when there are other fine OTC's such as CH or PA? In addition, most decent tobacco shops carry at least a few decent non-OTC's. For example, in about every tobacconist around my city, there is nearly always a tin of Orlik Golden Sliced or a tin of Erinmore Flake. Both of...
  4. jallen49

    My Wife

  5. jallen49

    McClelland 35th Anniversary Blend

    Review! Review!
  6. jallen49

    How Tastes Change.

    I was rummaging through my tobacco stash not too long ago and found a baggie of McClellend bulk 5100 Red Cake. I remember hating it when I first bought it, which was a few years ago. I remember thinking how bland and boring it was. I recently tried it for the first time since then... I really...
  7. jallen49

    Good Cheap Tobacco

    Has anyone tried the "super value" brand??? at least i think it's called super value... "value" something.
  8. jallen49

    Chocolate Manhood

    wow, that is absurd. Yes, you can find an oz of bulk for $2.50 - $3.50 or so (I live in a mid sized city).
  9. jallen49

    How do you smoke so much?

    One thing that is nice about being a graduate student is that graduate studies are conducive to pipe smoking! Even still, it probably won't be until I retire that I take on 8 bowls a day! Cheers to those who do! :worship:
  10. jallen49

    Chocolate Manhood

    Yes the name is a bit striking, but I did not name the blend. Chocolate Manhood is the name the "official" blend goes by, but call it whatever you want, it is gooooood, in my opinion that is :puffy:
  11. jallen49

    What alcohol for cleaning / retort?

    Everclear is the only way to go
  12. jallen49

    What do you drink while smoking?

    I agree with koshersmoke, teas are indeed a whole new world of tastes. I have been very interested in getting into loose tea drinking, getting the teapot with the strain, ect. Teavana is an awesome store, lots of selection. It's really difficult to find quality fresh teas around where I live...
  13. jallen49

    In my mouth, there is a problem...

    @baronsamedi, glad you picked up on it :D
  14. jallen49

    How do you smoke so much?

    But seriously, that can't be good for your mouth! I'm not an mouth expert, but it just doesn't seem like something we should aim for. However, many others who have smoked for years upon years note the same leathery sensation and seem to be fine with it. Who knows.
  15. jallen49

    Free Tin From Atlandis

    I have taken advantage of the free Altadis sampler twice so far (used a different address), and both times I received quality stuff! The first go around I received a tin of Sutliff Private Stock's Maple Street, which was seriously one of the best aros I have ever tried to this day (and I have...
  16. jallen49

    What do you drink while smoking?

    +1 Mick! Guinness, or any good stout/porter for that matter, goes particularly well with deep, bold latakia/balkan blends! Other than that, I can't really enjoy other beer with a pipe. Have yet to try wine (doesn't sound good though). For the summertime, there's nothing better than your...
  17. jallen49

    In my mouth, there is a problem...

    never thought about the humidifier thing... Maybe biotine mouthwash is worth trying as well.
  18. jallen49

    Chipping cake!

    I have since committed the "sin" of reaming with a sharp pocket knife, and to be honest, it worked really well! Don't think I caused any damage to the pipe, only the thick cake. However, I am seeing the need for a good reamer, so I think there is one in my near future!
  19. jallen49

    How do you smoke so much?

    Good luck and godspeed with the nail battling! By grace from above I have managed to avoid the cig-hook.
  20. jallen49

    Chocolate Manhood

    In the YouTube pipe smoking community (which I am apart of), there exists a user named JoffreTheGiant who, along with a friend, created a blend called "chocolate manhood." He pitched the idea to his tobacconist in the Spartanburg, SC area, and they picked it up. Unless you want to call up Boda...