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  1. wyfbane

    RIP Grumpy Cat

    I always found the memes generated by this naturally dour appearing cat to be highly entertaining. This is the first one I ever saw and it applied very well to my situation at the time. There are hundreds of others. Gonna miss that cat. Edit: This one is awesome, too: Post your favorite...
  2. wyfbane

    4,000 Posts: Not Too Shabby...

    I am honored to be a part of this gaggle of rapscallions. I am mildly surprised to find myself here. I have never really had the time to engage the forums as heavily as some, despite my desire to do so. I have learned so much here from so many of you. Others, not so much, but you have made for...
  3. wyfbane

    Anyone RV? Here's Mine (Pic HEAVY)

    Hi hi! So I was wondering if anyone else is an active RV'er. My wife and I have jumped up from a, '84 Terry travel trailer to something much larger. She is a teacher and I am student teaching to become a teacher. We will use ours for short trips in the winter due the the PNW's mild weather, but...
  4. wyfbane

    That Twinge...

    I was jarring up the last bit of my Tinderbox Blend, "Wafflehouse" tonight and I felt a twinge. When I got it from the store, they said that it was the last of the original blend they were going to have. Unbeknownst to me, McClelland's VBC formed the backbone of the blend and I got some of the...
  5. wyfbane

    RIP to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.

    Aretha has passed from pancreatic cancer. She is the quintessential diva and sang the most powerful gospel music I have ever heard. Much R E S P E C T.
  6. wyfbane

    How My Wife Won the War Against PAD/TAD

    I have a cellar that will last me 4 lifetimes at the rate I smoke but have been, like many, buying tobaccos I fear may disappear. I try, really try, to focus on TAD and not PAD, but sometimes a pipe still squeaks in here and there. My wife, God Bless her, has been supportive. She buys gifts...
  7. wyfbane

    HALP!! Advice Needed on Buying an RV

    My glorious wife has decided that our pickup/travel trailer setup can no longer accommodate 2 adults, 2 teens, and 4 dogs (one a pony-sized mastiff). So we now need an RV (a motorized one). I'm all for impulsive spending, but the long term effects of screwing this up are much more profound than...
  8. wyfbane

    Ad So Good I Had to Buy One

    T-shirt for sale through Grunt Style. The AD. Hope it links through.
  9. wyfbane

    Happy Birthday to Meeee!

    So my wife is a wonderful lady. She tries to curb my spending sometimes, but in the end she supports my interests. She got me these for my birthday. The Meer is a group 1 sized pipe and perfect for a 20 minute smoke. She got the eagle because my birthday is near the 4th and 'Merica! The Grabow...
  10. wyfbane

    When Did the Smokable Seconds Bag Drop to 7 Pipes?

    Just cruising the MM website and because all the salty bastards on this forum keep buying up the smokable seconds bags apparently they can't screw up pipes enough to meet demands. Now they are selling off '7 day set seconds' instead. I can't tell if the price is proportional to the old 10 pipe...
  11. wyfbane

    McClelland Blending Latakia

    I just scored 2lb, 10oz of McClelland Latakia. I am pretty stoked. It wasn't cheap, since I got it from an B&M but it wasn't marked up either. They also had a tin of 221b Honeydew I snagged as well. It was a good TAD Day!
  12. wyfbane

    Pretty Good Score

    So I never get the uber deals. I've gotten good deals, but this one is pretty darn good. I got a 17" Meer for $25. The pictures were blurry, but I tossed in a $25 bid a day before it closed and never looked back. I didn't see I'd won until 2 days after it closed. Then I noticed it was from a 0...
  13. wyfbane

    Salty Saturday...

    I don't think I have ever seen so many closed threads in one day. Well played, you salty dogs. Well played.
  14. wyfbane

    I Know I Need to Focus on TAD, but the PAD Bit Meh!

    I passed my English Endorsement test, The National Evaluation Series: English/Language Arts (ELA), today. In a moment of weakness I looked at the estate pipes on P&C. I don't do that much anymore, since the pipes on there have sucked lately. But not today. Lo and behold: The Kaywoodie Allbriar...
  15. wyfbane

    2014 Amber Root 4407 a la Foggy

    I have been writing back and forth with Foggy with regards to tobacco and pipes since his decision to retire from pipe smoking was announced. I told him that I wanted one of his pipes to just have and think about him a bit in the future. Foggy has always been such a great guy and one of the...
  16. wyfbane

    2 More Pipes Headed My Way

    I am trying not to PAD. Really. It is just that I cannot resist. I have a sickness... I still need to get one of Foggy's pipes, but these just called out to me. I am a sucker for loooong Canadians and it will be my first Weaver, so win/win. I love Cavicchis. This one is so fun. Cavelier-ish...
  17. wyfbane

    Foggy Is the Best TAD Cure..

    Pure pleasure to deal with. Hoping I'd hit the lotto and just buy him out, but alas. So I had to pick some great tobaccos. Price is right and Foggy is a great human being.
  18. wyfbane

    Good Week for PAD

    Trying to get one of Foggy's pipes, but the deals keep rolling my way. I mentioned the '43 Dunhill. It came today, thank you Pipestud. I also got the two Linkmans Grabows I won from Canada. I wanted to get them and give them a close once-over before I showed you all. They are great. Needing...
  19. wyfbane

    RIP Hugh Hefner.

    The guy who had more partners than a dancehall, dead at 91. Had to go with a smile, methinks. He was a pipesmoker and easily one of the most iconic people of the last 100 years. Post your best Hef pics with pipes.
  20. wyfbane

    Peterson 999

    Picked up an older 999. Very excited! Some fills, but still looks good.