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  1. tombraider

    Salt and Alcohol Treatment in a Peterson System

    For any of you who have cleaned up an old estate Peterson System pipe, do you do anything differently to try to clean the chamber or just hope that filling the shank and bowl will do the trick. Thanks in advance, TB
  2. tombraider

    Mixing Nightcap With MM965

    I read on another post where someone blends NC with MM965. Anyone else doing this? These are 2 of my favorites so it is very appealing to me. I'm sure a few will say "just try it and see what you think of it", but I'll ask anyway. What's it like?
  3. tombraider

    Pipe And A Dry Martini

    I'm having knee surgery tomorrow and will be laid up for a few days. Since I'll be on my keister for the whole weekend I think I'll get the fire pit going on the deck on Saturday night and have my neighbor mix me up a dry martini. Probably Beafeater. Would this be a good pairing for Nightcap...
  4. tombraider

    I Can't Get The Smell Out Of The Inside Of Stem

    I purchased an estate Comoy's Tradition Canadian a few months ago. It was in good condition when I received it but I did a series of salt and alcohol treatments and retorts anyway to clean the bowl and shank of any ghosting from previous owner. The stem had a little oxidation so I followed...
  5. tombraider

    SuperBowl Sunday Temps In The NorthEast

    I live in NJ, about 30 miles from MetLife Stadium and while I'm not going to the game, I am very excited for the warmer weather we're going to get this weekend. I only smoke outside and with the crazy cold we've had this winter, I haven't smoked any of my pipes in over a month. My local fishing...
  6. tombraider

    Did Anyone Else Watch Klondike

    on Discovery the last 3 nights? I loved how Meeker had a corn cob pipe in his mouth the entire series. Apart from lighting hit, I don't think I ever saw him take a puff on it. He just let it smolder the whole time.
  7. tombraider

    Air Freshener for Car

    I occasionally smoke in my jeep (with the top on). Sometimes it smells good other times stale. Basically, I'm looking for an air freshener to cover the smoke. Any brands, fragrances better than others?
  8. tombraider

    Lorenzo Strasa

    I stink at photos with my iphone, but I just picked this up and love the look and feel of it. Orange is my favorite color so that might have a lot to do with it. I hope she smokes as smooth and cool as she looks.
  9. tombraider

    First Bowl of Magnum Opus Stings

    I purchased a few ounces of H&H Magnum Opus to branch out. I'm normally smoking MM965, Nightcap, PS Proper English and a few Burley blends. Anyway the first bowl out oft used bulldog last night caused my tounge to sting. It burned well and I was smoking slowly so it was not tounge bite. I'm...
  10. tombraider

    Chapstick to Protect Stem

    Is there some ingredient in Chapstick that works better than other lip balms or would any lip balm like Blistex work the same?
  11. tombraider

    Matching Blends To Pipe Shapes/Sizes

    I'm very new to this hobby and have been experimenting with different blends and styles for the last few months. One constant in everything I'm trying is my pipes. I have a handful of briars and cobs, but all of them seem to be very similar in size and shape. All of my pipes seem to have deep...
  12. tombraider

    Looking For More Nicotine In An English

    Can anyone recommend a good English style tobacco, hopefully in bulk, that has a higher nicotine content than the majority of others? I like Nightcap a lot and I'm looking to experiment with others like it. Thanks in advance, TB
  13. tombraider

    Does Oxidation Occur on the Inside of the Stem?

    I just picked up an estate Peretti pipe on ebay. It looked pretty clean but had a funky sort of musty/dusty smell to it. I think it might have been the stem oxidation because that is what I smelled when rubbing the Magic Eraser on it (I was rubbing the stem with the eraser dry before I read...
  14. tombraider

    B&M in Cancun

    Does anyone know of a shop in Cancun Mexico that sells pipe tobacco? My brother in law is vacationing there this week and I'm takeing care of his dog so I figure he will bring me a present. He usually gives me cigars, but I have enough cigars to last me a lifetime (which is like 10. I dropped...
  15. tombraider

    Pipe Holder for the Boat?

    I want to buy or make a pipe holder for my boat so I can, quickly, stow the pipe when I have a fish on. I have the folding plastic boat seats with the little tool tray on the side. I am thinking of attaching a short piece of maybe 1" PVC pipe to the tool tray but I have to figure out how to...
  16. tombraider

    Need to Fill Out an Application for Employment,0,4584608.story
  17. tombraider

    Tobacco for Breaking In

    Is there one type of tobacco or blend that is better than others for breaking in a new uncoated bowl? I have a burley blend, an english blend, a VaPer and an Aro.
  18. tombraider

    C&D Bayou Morning

    I read some great reviews on C&D Bayou Morning last week. I went to my local B&M and found Bayou Morning Flake. I tried it over the weekend and thought it was pretty harsh. In my ignorance I didn't realize that these 2 blends were different. I wonder if ageing the BMF for a few years or even...
  19. tombraider

    Prince William from Tobacco Shop of Ridgewood

    Has anyone tried this blend? This is really the only B&M I can visit and shop in person. I'm headed over there this weekend and I'm hoping they have tins of Escudo, since it is so highly recommended. If they don't I'm wondering if this would be a good option.