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  1. choch

    Kilner Failed Me

    Just a thought, might rubbing the seals with a very thin layer of potable oil help them seal better?
  2. choch

    Do You Have a Pipe "Brand"?

    My sweet spot brands are vintage GBD and BBB estate pipes. The best smokers that I have ever had the pleasure of owning.
  3. choch

    Savinelli 315 KS, Savinelli 316 KS, or.....

    I bought this Roma 315 from a shop here in Cincinnati this week. Three bowls in and it's getting broken in already.
  4. choch

    Long Term Storage in Mylar Bags - Experience?

    For long-term storage I use mason jars. I wash them in the dishwasher on the sanitize setting. The jars are almost too hot to handle right out of the dishwasher. I put the tobacco in and apply the lives right away, a vacuum seal actually forms. When you open the jar 1,3,5 etc years later the...
  5. choch

    H&H White Knight Replacement

    Gents, Thanks for the replies and kind offers. Kola, you have a PM.
  6. choch

    H&H White Knight Replacement

    Good evening gents, I'm down to the last few scraps of my White Knight and have not been able to find any more in-stock anyplace in spite of searching on a daily basis. I would appreciate any suggestions for a comprable replacement that might be available. I have plenty of Blackhouse, and do not...
  7. choch

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (April 2018)

    Cuba Libra and Magnum Opus in my 60's era Comoy
  8. choch

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (April 2018)

    Smoking Fusilier's Ration in my Sav Bing and drinking Mai Tais on the deck
  9. choch

    Fusilier's Ration vs Bengal Slices?

    Good evening gentlemen, I have fallen in love with Fusilier's Ration. I've almost smoked my way through the one tin that I have and I'm concerned that I can't find more right now. I see that Bengal Slices is available at various providers. Wondering about any opinions of one versus the other...
  10. choch


    The Wife has forced me to remove my smoking to the garage. And old but comfy chair, a couple of space heaters, an old end table and a Bluetooth speaker later it's not terrible. At least I don't have to hear her complain about my pipe smoke. Has anyone else been banished to the garage in order...
  11. choch

    How Long Did It Take You?

    I've been smoking pipes for 35 years since I was 16 but it hasn't been until the past 7 or 8 years that I've really mastered the craft. I credit this site more than anything else for helping me learn how to properly load my pipes and how to keep my tobacco at the right moisture level (drier than...
  12. choch

    What Time Is Your Favorite Time to Smoke?

    In the wee small hours of the morning, while listening to music or watching a movie. Usually with a whisky or brandy.
  13. choch

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (October 2017)

    My Wife is away for the night, so While that cat's away the mice will.......smoke in the house. Dunhill 965 in my rusticated Savneli Bing's Favorite.
  14. choch

    Any Cincinnati Pipe Clubs?????

    Gentlemen, Please stop by the Pipe Club of OTR (Over The Rhine). We meet monthly here in Cincinnati. Pipe Club of OTR
  15. choch

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (September 2017)

    Enjoying some Bengal Slices in my 1960's "English Rustic" 296 Canadian (Comoy's second) alongside some nice Cognac.
  16. choch

    Whiskey & pipe smoking.

    Some like chocolate, while others like strawberry. I find that straight scotches are a bit overwhelming with my English and even Balkan blends. However, adding a small splash of soda to those scotches rounds them out somewhat and makes for a great match with my pipes (which is why I prefer...
  17. choch

    The pipe - a thing of the past ?

    FWIW I live in Cincinnati, Ohio USA and have been smoking a pipe since I was 17 in 1983. Back then I was the only person that I ever saw smoking a pipe. Fast forward to today and I belong to a thriving local pipe club (the Pipe Club of Over The Rhine) that has a membership ranging from 23 to 70+...
  18. choch

    Scary Movies Planned For the Evening?

    For me it was a marathon of gothic horror movies from Hammer Studios, paired with 50/50 mixture of Dunhill 965 and Nightcap from my old Comoy Churchwarden. Sipped a few drams of malt Scotch alongside. Made for a wonderful Halloween.
  19. choch


    I bought Presbyterian for the first time 2 weeks ago. It has quickly become one of my favorite blends. I could smoke this all day long.
  20. choch

    What Do You Do For A Living?

    Sommelier, mixologist, wine and spirits salesman for nearly 20 years.