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  1. jkrug

    Canadian Box Pass Round 3

    Hi guys....hope everyone is doing well. Been a while for sure! As luck would have it I just received the box back from ben88. Seems he was going through a "rough spell" but is back on his feet now and was able to ship the box back to me. :clap: I am away starting tomorrow and will be back...
  2. jkrug

    Metro Detroit Folks -Should we try again?

    A trip to Paul's would be great for sure. Haven't been there since that trip we took in the blizzard!!
  3. jkrug

    Metro Detroit Folks -Should we try again?

    Hi everyone...hope all is well. My wife and I will be away on our first camping trip of the year on that weekend. Very much looking forward to seeing you all again and I have yet to meet Mr rolldog. :puffy:
  4. jkrug

    Orley's Wife Gets a New Pipe, and Has Something to Say! PICS

    WOW...that's a real beauty for sure Orley. I hope it brings wifey much smoking enjoyment. :puffy:
  5. jkrug

    Possibly the 'poshest' plug?

    Sounds like a lovely plug indeed. I too am intrigued by the Ale. :puffy:
  6. jkrug

    Down (Up and Down) With Crappy Old Chest Cold

    Hope you are well's been too quiet around here!! :puffy:
  7. jkrug


    What a great story for sure and a great moment in time to have captured and hung on to. Moments like that are special and should be held in high reverence. :puffy:
  8. jkrug

    These Are Strang Times

    Strang days indeed!! Enjoy. :puffy:
  9. jkrug

    Day Trip To Boswell's

    Sounds like a day well spent to me!! :puffy:
  10. jkrug

    Savinelli Tag - An exclusive pipe model for the Instagram community

    Not a social media guy either but that middle pipe is stunning!! :puffy:
  11. jkrug

    Maple Cob

    Very nice...that's a great looking pipe! Hope she's a good smoker too. Enjoy. :puffy:
  12. jkrug

    My Tobacco Cellar-Oh How Times Flies

    Good to hear that you have set yourself up nicely. Enjoy. :puffy:
  13. jkrug

    Camelia Canadian before and after

    Very good looking pipe...she cleaned up quite nicely. Enjoy. :puffy:
  14. jkrug

    Earth, Grass, Molasses and Citrus

    :clap: Well played sir...well played!! :puffy:
  15. jkrug

    Estate Sale find

    WOW...what a sweet score indeed! Enjoy. :puffy:
  16. jkrug

    First Father's Day Pipe

    I like the idea of a set of pipes. Either the same shape with two different finishes or two different shapes with the same finish. Congrats to you and the missus on the twins as well sir. :puffy:
  17. jkrug

    American Plug Tobacco

    An excellent thread for sure davet. Love all the info and great pics. :puffy:
  18. jkrug

    Interesting History of Five Brothers, Also Plugs

    A great read for sure. Thanks. :puffy:
  19. jkrug

    Canadian Box Pass Round 3

    Well guys, there is a ray of hope that the box will be recovered. I was able to finally reach ben88 by phone tonight. He stated that he has not been well and has been spending most of his time in bed. He assured me that his wife would take the box and put it in the mail this weekend. If so I...
  20. jkrug

    Canadian Box Pass Round 3

    Guys, thanks for the offer to contribute to starting a new box. Very generous and I love the spirit!! :clap: tonyweibe33 - thank you kindly sir and I will pm you my address. coldsmoke - thank you as well my friend and I pm'd you my address. yaddy306 - I was thinking the same thing. I'll start...