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  1. wyfbane

    War Horse Bar from the Late 60's - Group Tasting

    I love the flavor of this tobacco. It is very peppery on the tongue, though. I have to get 4 puffs into the smoke to get past that. Then the spicy yet flowery flavors come into their own and I can enjoy the smoke...until the nic forces me to stop. Smoking this stuff is a serious task. Great...
  2. wyfbane

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (June 2019)

    '60s Warhorse Bar in a '76 Dunhill grp 2 Shell.
  3. wyfbane - Are They Still In Business?

    I like it much better because the new owner doesn't hop up on a soap box the way the old one did. They are a good business and their service is really good.
  4. wyfbane

    New Pipes Or Estates For Beginners

    I started with established brand-estates. I figured that the pipes would be good. A Pete, A Sav, and a Stanwell. I learned to smoke using all three pipes equally. The pipes all performed roughly the same, so I figured they were good. If I were advising a new smoker, I would recommend something...
  5. wyfbane

    War Horse Bar from the Late 60's - Group Tasting

    Warhorse Bar: From a Nic-Wuss's Perspective. Holy Shit. So I have been waiting for the best opportunity to try this, having heard the warnings. I dropped my kiddo off at school and had a few hours before I needed to meet up with my co-author and continue final revisions on out master's thesis. I...
  6. wyfbane

    War Horse Bar from the Late 60's - Group Tasting

    It's been a long time since I was both this excited and this apprehensive about something. lolz
  7. wyfbane

    Female Beauty Icons Then & Now -- (50 years apart)

    How dare you assume they identify as female! :rofl:
  8. wyfbane

    What Music Are You Listening To ~ May 2019

    Bob Marley Concrete Jungle
  9. wyfbane

    Hello from Riverview, FL

    Welcome to the forum from Washington state.
  10. wyfbane

    Hello from Alaska!

    Welcome to the forum!!
  11. wyfbane

    Tennessee checking in

    Welcome from WA.
  12. wyfbane

    Hello From SF Bay Area California

    Welcome to the forum. Congrats on the pipe. You can smoke what you like. Buy more pipes and tobacco. :)
  13. wyfbane

    War Horse Bar from the Late 60's - Group Tasting

    I will video this smoke so that I capture the moment if I hurl. lol Thank you for this awesome opportunity!
  14. wyfbane

    What Music Are You Listening To ~ May 2019

    Luke Bryan - Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset
  15. wyfbane

    Petersons vs Savinelli?

    The first three pipes I bought (first pipe was a gift Grabow I still have) were a Pete 'zippo' 03, a Stanwell bent dublin, and a Sav Autograph prince. Those three pipes all smoked amazingly well. After that, it was all about aesthetics. each brand has shapes I love. Buy all the pipes! Life is...
  16. wyfbane

    RIP Grumpy Cat

    I always found the memes generated by this naturally dour appearing cat to be highly entertaining. This is the first one I ever saw and it applied very well to my situation at the time. There are hundreds of others. Gonna miss that cat. Edit: This one is awesome, too: Post your favorite...
  17. wyfbane

    Charatan Coronation -- One of the Most Perfect Straight Grain Specimens Known

    That pipe is simply amazing. Thanks for sharing it!
  18. wyfbane

    Mold :0

    Jeez. I will be opening all my tins outside on the porch now, just in case. Ick.
  19. wyfbane

    Hello from middle tn

    Welcome to the site! Washington state resident here. Looking forward to seeing more posts.