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  1. olewaylon

    One Ugly Castello! Is it just me or is this the ugliest Castello you've ever seen? Im curious how this puppy made it off the line.
  2. olewaylon

    Tobacco Joins Fight On Ebola Interesting article.
  3. olewaylon

    Came Across A Box Of Don Mock Pipes

    Another member on the forum and I bought out an estate lot and we ended with 53 pipes from this carver. These are some of the most bizarre looking pipes Ive ever seen. I could find next to no information on this carver, other than that he is from the Midwest. The gentleman (Paul) who was...
  4. olewaylon

    Who Knows This Maker?

    I picked up a few freehands that are labeled Wathen Reflection. I found very little information about this guy. He has some really good looking pipes. Does anybody own any of his pipes? [/url][/img] [/url][/img]
  5. olewaylon

    Air Pocket Method

    Im reading The Perfect Smoke by Fred Hanna and just finished the chapter on his air pocket method of loading a pipe. Does anyone do this? Hanna claims this method will deliver a superior smoke. you should pack the bowl in such a way that you leave an empty air pocket in the bottom of the...
  6. olewaylon

    Sanding Staining and Smoking Properties

    I've refurbished several pipes now and Im starting to reconsider my techniques on the Staining and sanding. I want some input from you folks. I've spent the last hour searching on our forums and others and have come to the conclusion that there are several opinions on the matter. some people...
  7. olewaylon

    Estate eBay Burnout?

    I bought this pipe recently on Ebay and wanted to get some opinions. Im trying to decide if is should keep the pipe or not. This is a baronet 510EX. It think there is burnout around the draft hole that has been drilled out. There is definitely some missing briar down there. Im also curious...
  8. olewaylon

    Fitting Stem Blanks

    I'm working on a pipe restoration and my last step is fitting a stem blank with the rest of the pipe. After receiving the blanks today and examining the pipes shank I've realized this is going to be harder than I was expecting. Is it possible to do this without a Tenon turning tool? I received...
  9. olewaylon

    Popped Tin Because Of Cold?

    I received a package yesterday, It might have been on my porch for 3 hrs before I brought it inside. When I opened it I noticed the lid on the One square tin was opened and sitting elsewhere in the box. It was about 28*F outside and all of the circular tins were fine. I've never had this...
  10. olewaylon

    Replacement Pipe Stems

    I found a box of pipe bowls i got from ebay a long time ago and Ive finally got some time to put into them. I was wondering where the best place is to get replacement stems for them. I have a couple of Stanwell's a Comoys and 2 Petes. i think they will make for some decent smokers. Most of...
  11. olewaylon

    Dull Savinelli's

    I've got 2 Savenelli's, both great smokers. The problem is that these pipes have gotten so dull in a relatively short amount of time. I'm not sure why these lose their shine so fast compared to all of my other pipes. Has anybody else noticed this with Savs? I was hoping I could get some...
  12. olewaylon

    Plume Finally,

    So I opened up my jar of Penzance tonight and was delighted to a wonderful sight. This is the first time I've found plume on any of my jarred tobacco so i was quite excited. [/url][/img] [/url][/img]
  13. olewaylon

    When did They Quit Including Matches With Orders?

    I don't always use matches when smoking but I love getting them with my orders. I've noticed that one of the leading online tobacco companies who always used to include them with each order has stopped. Three orders with no matches. Maybe i should have posted this in the grinds my gears...
  14. olewaylon

    McClelland 5100 Red Cake

    What is your opinion on this tobacco? I just received some from P&C today and I'm a bit flustered by it. It smells and looks like an aromatic almost feels like they gave me the wrong tobacco. I've never tried this before so I have nothing to base it on. I guess I was expecting a more straight...
  15. olewaylon

    Check Bank Statement if You Ordered From P&C

    I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I placed an order from P&C this month and finally had a chance to sit down and look at my bank account on Saturday morning. So far I've had 3 shipment come in from my most recent order so my account was billed 3 times. Each time I was billed I did not...
  16. olewaylon

    Balsa Filter

    I read in a thread recently that some people make their own filters by triming balsa wood as a substitute for the Savinelli balsa filtere. I bought some balsa wood sticks on amazon to try this. Today I noticed when i got a new savinelli pipe in the mail that the actual filters are a much less...
  17. olewaylon

    eBay is Driving Me Crazy Today

    5 pages of those annoying Ukrainian Pipes. I don't have enough time in the day to scour through the pipe bids ending soonest if they keep loading up this crap. 100's of the same stupid pipes. sorry about the rant.
  18. olewaylon

    Lighter, Peterson or Corona Old Boy

    I'm thinking I'll go with the tried and true Corona but damn those Peterson's are sexy. What you guys think?
  19. olewaylon

    Final Seal on Mason Jar

    So I have spent hours reading on jarring and cellaring techniques and have found some great information on this site and others. I would like to know what the consensus around here is on the final seal of jarred tobaccos. there seem to be a few different schools of thought on this. 1. jar the...
  20. olewaylon

    Discovered Civil War Veteran Was Pipe Smoker

    Watching the news with Diane sawyer and they go to a story about the remains of two civil war veterans discovered in a ship wreck. Sawyer said one has a broken nose from a possible street fight and the other was a Pipe smoker. "you can tell by the mark under his front right tooth" What the...