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  1. helm

    First Peterson

    Ok, No photos as I suck at taking em. Smokes wonderfully, no obvious defects that I can see. The finish itself is a nice dark green, but I have read that color finishes tend to darken over time so I will probably end up with a blackish looking pipe. Other than that not much to say, I think once...
  2. helm

    First Peterson

    Just bought my first ever peterson pipe, a 2011 christmas pipe. Not that big of a deal over all, but sure does make me happy.
  3. helm

    Mac Baren Vanilla Flake

    Just smoked my last flake of it the other night. Can't seem to find any either so I bought a pouch of the ribbon cut at a B&M......just not the same thing.
  4. helm

    Bowl shape for flakes or medallions

    Welcome to the dark side. I love smoking flakes, but don't really care what the bowl shape is. You should get some pretty good answers here soon, I am a newbie and really have no clue other than flakes are my preference.
  5. helm

    Squadron Leader

    Cigarette smoker, so Vitamin N is no problem. I had no idea it was considered a strong English.....guess this jumping in with out looking can be a good thing. Ok, I am editing this post.....Vitamin N is a big stronger than I at first thought. Still pure goodness.
  6. helm

    Squadron Leader

    Holy smokey goodness. First attempt at latakia, at least that's what I think it is. All I can say is wow, campfire smokey deliciousness.
  7. helm

    Small Order- Cavicchi, TAD, and Other

    The University Flakes is one of my favorites. Enjoy it all, and looks like a nice little haul. I want that bag now.
  8. helm


    Was smoking erinmore mixture. I seem to really enjoy that tobacco, and still waiting for my small TAD order to arrive. No hot ashes yet, but I may have been close to sucking them back since it was a very enjoyable day of smoking. It sure does seem that no matter how long the bowl lasts, when...
  9. helm

    The After Midnight Club

    Snuff and pipe....sounds like a good mix to me. Must be said that I have never done snuff, so take the above with a rather large dose of.....well something.
  10. helm


    I went an entire day, smoked 4 bowls, and each and everyone burned down to ash. No dottle. I think I might finally be getting the hang of this pipe smoking thing, and I am loving it.
  11. helm

    The After Midnight Club

    If they kept to the book, then I am looking forward to geeky japanese sword slayer and blind ninja dude.....Yonkers is gonna be good to. It still doesn't matter if it is close to the book or not, I will watch anything with zombies in it.. My theory, and I like to think it is pretty sound, is...
  12. helm

    The After Midnight Club

    Ok, it's official.....what is going on in that world war Z movie. Loved the book, Love Zombies.....but am so confused Of course I will still go see it, but couldn't they call it something else?
  13. helm

    L. Vuitton? Dunhill Inner Tube, John Middleton? New to Pipes...

    WOW, all I can say is wow. It truly is sorry to see someone take advantage of the kindness of this site to such a degree. I hope this doesn't give us newer members a bad reputation since I truly appreciate all the helpful people on this site.
  14. helm

    Assassin's Creed 3

    I will be buying it, but gonna wait a bit for the Borderlands 2 craze to taper off.
  15. helm

    Why did you start smoking a pipe?

    I have been smoking most of my adult life. I enjoy smoking, the act and feel of it. The reason I decided to try pipes was because if I was going to smoke my whole life then I should also enjoy the taste of it. Sure enjoying the switch over from cigarettes.
  16. helm

    Yule Pudding is Ready!

    Hmmm, you seem to be following the two best shows on TV.... Now that means I can fully trust your review of that tobacco. Now I just need to figure out how to order it, and also wait for so money...
  17. helm

    P&C Gift Set (with pics)

    Nice pick up. I have that pipe and it smokes quite well, at least I think it does. Is this your first Brigham pipe?
  18. helm

    Yule Pudding is Ready!

    You make it sound very interesting. SAMCRO....
  19. helm

    The After Midnight Club

    Erinmore in a bent Upshall Just finished a bowl of the same, since I am new to pipe smoking it is nice to see some one else who enjoys this tobacco.
  20. helm

    Received my estate Savinelli

    Is it wrong that I am jealous? Very nice pipe, congrats.