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  1. antbauers

    Il Ceppo AllBriar

    Just bought this Il Ceppo pot with briar stem. This will be my first briar stem and I wanted to see how I liked it. Misterlowercase and Fishnbanjo love the ones they have and I've been wanting to get one also. It not a Teipen Allbriar but I think it's nice nonetheless.
  2. antbauers

    Restoration - Putting Life Back Into A Mastro Beraldi

    This is my first Mastro Beraldi and after some research I found they are a line of pipes made by Aldo Pierluigi’s shop. They are handmade pipes and most likely carved by different artisans. This one had some nice grain and a large bowl, so I threw an offer and practically stole it. I always...
  3. antbauers

    P&C 20% Off Everything

    As the title says, only for the next 24 hours!
  4. antbauers

    High End Pipe From A Rural Area

    I was checking out some pipes and I saw these. According to the seller they are from a remote area of Southeast Asia and considered to be a high end pipe. The stem is made from gum tree resin, the shank is bamboo with a brass band. The bowl is bamboo root with silver rings. Thought it was...
  5. antbauers

    Your Favorite Toppings

    Gotta order 30+ pizzas tomorrow for a work party. I don't wanna order just all pepperoni, cheese and other typical toppings. Need some ideas. What are your favorite combos?
  6. antbauers

    Loop Radice

    I love Radice pipes, but not sure about this one. Here's a link to it.
  7. antbauers

    Military/Army Variation, Stinger?

    Hi guys, I am trying to identify this type of military/army mount I've seen in the past. It was a bent stem pipe that looked like a regular military mount, but collar on the shank ran throughout the inside of the mortise and formed a long nipple that connected the bore into the tenon when...