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  1. jrenko

    Sutliff/SPC tins?

    Yesterday i heard something about that the Sutliff/Seattle Pipe Club tins being very thin and that you should look out for that when cellaring these. So have any of you seen any rust or have had any kind of problems with them at all?
  2. jrenko

    Cherry Tasting Candy and Drinks?

    I love cherry twizzlers, and Coca Cola Cherry. Is there anyone else who enjoy it and what is the best?
  3. jrenko

    SPC blends and FDA?

    So i was just wondering will Plum Pudding disappear with the FDA thing? It was realeased in 2007 on tin. But was made before that also.
  4. jrenko

    SPC Pike Place

    I have been thinking about this blend for a long time, i mean will it ever return or is is forever gone? I honestly missed to buy it when i had the chance. But i have always wanted to try it.
  5. jrenko

    Aged Gaslight?

    I am curious if someone have tried some of there older tins of Gaslight and can tell me how well it ages?
  6. jrenko

    Similar to GL Pease Stonehenge flake?

    I smoked this for the first time yesterday and the lakeland taste just blew me away. Just need more that flavour, but i am totaly lost and don´t know what to buy. Anyone have any recomandations to what i should try?
  7. jrenko

    Sweet dunhill blend?

    Ok i am looking for tips on The sweetest dunhill blend with latakia in it. Never had any of them and looking to try more blends that are avalible more in the european market. Love blends lika Frog morton, Plum pudding If that helps.