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  1. ormazd

    Got 2 Tins

    I don't see it on any of my usual suspect websites, so, maybe...
  2. ormazd

    Let's Discuss Birth Year Pipes. Photos Appreciated.

    I have birth year Dunhills for myself, my wife, my eldest daughter, and our wedding.
  3. ormazd

    Peterson Nightcap

    I was able to pick up 5 tins of the Dunhill Nightcap during my recent Euro trip. I think I'll age those for a while and get some Peterson for immediate use.
  4. ormazd

    Well, Duh! Zippo Edition

    I have an older Zippo (about 20 years), but the case is smaller than my newer ones.
  5. ormazd

    Well, Duh! Zippo Edition

    I usually go a week or so between fills.
  6. ormazd

    WTB 5100 Tins Sold at Ohio Pipe Show 10/12/19

    I'm quite sure I won't.
  7. ormazd

    Hello from North East PA

  8. ormazd

    Why Are Samuel Gawith Blends Always Out Of Stock?

    I believe this is the case. I asked about Esoterica when I visited the shop, and they said all of it goes to internet customers. They had many blends of Samuel Gawith on the shelf - I picked up a box of St. James.
  9. ormazd

    C&D Carolina Red Flake @

    I've had two bowls so far, and quite enjoyed it.
  10. ormazd

    What are You Wearing as a Halloween Costume This Year?

    We always sit in the driveway with a fire pit. Neighbors come over and hang out while we watch for a handful of trick or treaters. I'm going as a cranky, old, pipe smoking geezer.
  11. ormazd

    What Is The Lure And Lore Of Esoterica

    Here in the Old Dominion, tobacco gets moister if you leave it out. I spread some on a candle warmer for a few minutes.
  12. ormazd

    Any Bird Watchers In Here?

    I have several feeders in my back yard (mealworms, sunflower, nyjer, seed mix) and about 15 species visit regularly. Enjoy watching them from the sun room in the morning.
  13. ormazd

    GBD Century 701 Cleanup Pics

    Nice work!
  14. ormazd

    Can Anyone Throw Some Light On This Victorian Edwardian Pipe Maker?

    To my eye, I think it says ‘FourH’
  15. ormazd

    Most "Natural" Tobacco Blend?

    C & D Yorktown comes to mind.
  16. ormazd

    Roll Call

    Retired Air Force
  17. ormazd

    What Is Your GoTo Pipe Tool ?🤗👍

    Czech tool. I foresee issues with screwdrivers in my pocket.
  18. ormazd

    Where To Buy Real/Trusted Meerschaum Pipes

    or the focus? :col:
  19. ormazd

    FS: Esoterica Stonehaven & Penzance 8oz. Bags For Sale 10-23-19

    Speaking as a relative newb who hasn't tried either blend, I would never pay anywhere near that. I've managed to purchase quite a bit of other Esoterica blends online, and I'll just be patient and hope I eventually find these. If not, there are plenty of other great tobaccos.
  20. ormazd

    New Guy From Minnesota; Greetings to All

    Welcome aboard from the Old Dominion.